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DISCOVERING OUR PAST: AMONG VILLAS AND SQUARES! Let's bike together from the city with the association Oppeano Bike and AllegraLaMente
City of Oppeano and Pro Loco of Oppeano, in collaboration with the associations and Liberalamente Oppeano Bike, organized for Sunday, June 14th, 2015 at 16 the bike ride "AllegraLaMente Bike - Discovering our past among villas, courtyards and squares."

The departure of the group is scheduled at 16 from the square in the town hall (Piazza Gilberto Altichieri) and the itinerary includes the departure towards Ca 'degli Oppi with a stop in Piazza Blood Donors. Here there will be a small refreshment and together with the master Giovanni Malacchini and Professor Luigi Pellini, you can discover the history of the village, starting from the construction of the Church and the Bell Tower, dating back to 1515 - and the church keeps the paintings depicting Saint Lucia and Santa Margherita, the Annunciation and the patron Saint Jerome - to get to the life of the famous poet, writer and painter Dante Bertini. It will soon begin at a time of Valais, to stop the Court Baughi Peccana to Feniletto, which on this occasion will be open and will host cyclists with a small refreshment.

The history of the court is very attractive, since the same dates back to '500. The court is massive and almost perched around the dovecote tower, and lands placed around the buildings and the valleys behind Bussè to the river, which then belonged to Miniscalchi, whose name is also given to a source that still exists in the area. The route continues in the direction of La Villa Montara in Oppeano with stop and visit to the park and to the interior.

The facade of the villa contains a refined decoration with six Doric pilasters supporting a frieze decorated with metopes and triglyphs, and a triangular pediment decorated with statues. From the Persian writer, fascinated by the beauty of this residence, he wrote: "Park, belvedere, faux marble or fragments of antiquity, plantations, groves and avenues make a pleasant Cotesta villa, the most beautiful in the lower part of our province." The arrival of the town hall is scheduled at approximately 19.30.

Here await cyclists another refreshments. Registration for the sporting event "AllegraLaMente Bike" will perform Sunday, June 14 before the start, participation is free. And 'it recommended for all the use of helmet. We are waiting! In case of bad weather the event will be postponed until a later date.

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It starts from the village square, square Gilberto Altichieri with an itinerary that will pass throughout the city.
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Oppeano is a small city in the territory of Verona; there are about 9.000 people living here.
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+390457139238 www.comune.oppeano.vr.it
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Oppeano with Gazzo Veronese represent between X and the fourth century BC the epicenters of a system of settlements that can control the entire territory of the plain: from the left bank of the Adige to the Mincio . They were real outposts south - western world of the ancient Veneti in Este and Padua who had their capitals . The hump on which it stands the ancient town of Oppeano is positioned almost at the height of the Veronese plain average limited to the north by the end of the high plain and the river Adige , to the south by the end of the low plains , to the east by the province of Vicenza west wing by moraine and the province of Mantova .
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