Mc Donald's

via Enrico Mattei 1/c - Marcon (VE)

тел: +39 0415952476 сайт: www.mcdonalds.it
Презентация услуги

The restaurant , as well as offering the full menu , has McCafé , the modern concept McDonald's studied and designed to meet the need to find out the house a relaxing spot for breakfast or for a refreshing break : open from early in the morning , McCafé will offer customers the opportunity to sit quietly and enjoy a quality coffee from a mixture sustainable certified Rainforest Alliance . Located inside the shopping center Valecenter .
Hours :
Monday - Friday 9h - 21h
Saturday 9h - 22h
Sundays and holidays opening 10h - 21h

  • характеристики: С доставкой, Завтрак/Бранч
  • Ценовой диапазон: 0€ - 10€
Календарь Expo Veneto

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