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Cannaregio 4610 - Venezia (VE)

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Traditional Gondola Rides:
The traditional Gondola Tour has a unique itinerary for each boarding point; from the Basilica of Saint Mark to the Grand Canal, or passing along small canals behind the Fenice Theatre or between San Marco and Rialto, the historical gondola ride is the ideal way to appreciate some of the finest views of Venice, aboard its most distinctive vessel, the Gondola

Personalized Tours:
We call our private gondola tours “Butto”, and they are decidedly different from our classic, traditional tours since the starting and ending points are completely free according to your requirements and desires. Gondolieri Travel creates the itinerary according to your preferences and budget. Private personalized services also allow free choice of timing, with two types of service, standard and deluxe, both personalizable by you to the last details.

Календарь Expo Veneto

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