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BIRD OF PREY EXHIBITIONS ON THE CASTLE OF MAROSTICA. Discover the fascinating world of birds of prey and the ancient art of Falconry! The Ornithological Museum of Marostica carries out birds of prey exhibitions in its charming natural amphitheater, situated next to the wall of the Superior Castle. This project offers an original cultural resource, which constitutes an unique educational and emotional experience on the life of the birds of prey and on their conservation. How many children and not would otherwise have the possibility to carefully observe and to admire the flight of an Eagle owl or the dive of the fastest Peregrine Falcon? During the exhibition, moreover, it will be underlined the relationship between the world of falcons and the Medieval Age, in order to explain how deeply this can be connected to the traditions of the city of Marostica. Before and after the exhibition of flight, it will be possible to visit the Ornithological Museum, which exposes all the birds nesting in the Province of Vicenza part of the splendid 'Massimino Dalla Riva Collection', one of the greatest prestige among European collections, with more than 1800 exemplaries perfectly conserved, classified one of the most beautiful in Europe. From May 2014, the Museum shows all the ungulates of the Province of Vicenza: Red deer, Roe deer, Chamois, Mouflon and Wild boar. An educational opportunity to know and to respect these splendid animals that live in our territory.

Opening time of the Museum:
All Sundays from 10:00 to 12:00 and from 15:00 to 18:00
The other days, by reservation for groups or groups of students

Flight Exhibitions time:
March - April - May - September - October:  16:30
June - July - August: 17:00
The other days, by reservation for groups or groups of students 

Punctuality at exhibitions is strongly recommended!
Please arrive before the exhibition time. 

The last Sunday of October, due to the switching to the standard time, the exhibitions will be anticipated to 16:00.
In case of rain the flight exhibitions will not be carried out.
Other animals won't be admitted to flight exhibitions.

Ticket (museum + exhibition):
Euro 5,00 for adults and boys older than 14 years - Euro 3,00 children from 6 to the 14 years (free for disabled people and children until 6 years)
  • Via Cansignorio della Scala, 2
    Marostica (VI)


Not far from the Superior Castle of Marostica, the Ornithological Museum is dedicated to the birds nesting in the province of Vicenza and to the art of falconry. In a beautiful natural amphitheater, on the Venetian PreAlps background, it's possible to attend to flight exhibitions of majestic birds of prey. Educational visits and theme days are planned for teachers and students to know more about the world of birds.
Poslovni Stiki
Via Cansignorio della Scala, 2
36063 - Marostica (VI)
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Located at a few feet distance from the Superior Castle of Marostica, the Ornithological Museum is conceived to answer to the questions of a greater and greater number of people that wish to know more about ornithology and about birds of prey. The Museum shows, in a permanent display, 149 exemplary of birds nesting in the Province of Vicenza just a little part of the beautiful 'Massimino Dalla Riva Collection', one of the most prestigious collections in Europe, with more then 1800 perfectly preserved specimens. The Museum's main educational target is to let people children above all know more about the environment in which they lives. In facts, often they know very well but only by TV programs animals living in Africa or in Australia, but they don't know what kind of animals live in the hedge of their garden not to mention the animals living on their mountains. In a charming natural amphitheater, in the shadow of the Superior Castle of Marostica, birds of prey exhibitions are carried out for visitors. During the exhibitions it will be possible to look closely to the birds of prey, to admire them in flight and rest near you. In facts, it's important to raise the awareness of how much these animals are fundamental in the biological balance of the nature especially in the children. The staff of the museum is at your disposal all the year round for educational laboratories, for schools of every kind and Summer children school. The Museum is located in a charming hill position panoramic, isolated and, at the same time, near to the old town center, thanks to the panoramic Carmini and the Val di Botte paths.
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