"ROVINI COLLECTION" OF MATERIAL OF THE FIRST WORLD WAR A private collection of relics of World War I narrates of the lives of soldiers through the findings from the battlefields, but also of the individual and collective drama represented by war.
Giancarlo and Stefano Rovini are two researchers who, with their patient and passionate effort, have collected materials and objects from battlefield zones for over thirty years, and their findings are now on display in the permanent exhibition.
A large amount of materials and objects, from remnants of the daily life in trenches to the protection equipment of a soldier, from work tools to the complete typological display of hand grenades. The exhibition is divided into four broad thematic rooms, and allows the visitor to retrace the rapid technological development of weapons, not to mention the personal and collective drama of many soldiers, who fought and perished on the mountains of Cengio, Lemerle, Mosciagh, Zebio, Fior, Ortigara and Pasubio, and along the rivers of Brenta, Piave and Isonzo.
The reconstruction of barracks environment of the Great War diverts the focus onto the daily lives of soldiers sent to the front, and stimulates a number of general considerations about war, and about World War I in particular.
 The passion of Giancarlo Rovini was born at the end of the '60s, following the occasional findings of some rusted and corroded objects in Val d'Assa: the emotion of the moment was then integrated with the tradition of recovering, with its knowledge and its legends.
A passion passed down from father to son: Stefano, from the mid-'90s, works alongside Giancarlo in this activity. Together they create the plan to organize the amount of recovered artefacts, and to create a thematic collection, with the intention of making it available to the public.

From June 1 to the first Sunday in September: from 9.30 a.m. to 12 noon and 4 p.m. - 7 p.m.
Other periods of the year by appointment; bookings must be made 3 weeks in advance.
Free admission
Tel. +39 0424 692212 (Roana Tourist Bureau)
Tel. 328 5660390 (Mr Rovini)


The city of Roana, a mix of attractions that will please everyone: outdoor sports, beautiful landscapes, historical memories, cultural discoveries, enogastronomic experiences... it is all you need to spend an unforgettable holiday in the middle of the nature.
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Roana is certainly the most heterogeneous among the municipalities of the Altopiano dei 7 Comuni. It consists in fact of 6 localities, also called “bell towers” because each village has its own parish church. These small towns are: Camporovere, Canove, Cesuna, Mezzaselva,  Roana and Tresché Conca.
Only a few kilometers separate the 6 suburbs from each other, so it is easy to walk or bike between one village to the other, even going alternative routes, forests and meadows.
From any village, unique landscapes and breathtaking views go far beyond the edges of the Altopiano, and the visitor can easily see, when the sky is clear, even the Dolomites and the Venice lagoon in the distance.
Roana's territory is largely covered by forests, fields, pastures and gentle slopes, and the average altitude of the villages is about 1000 metres above sea level; this makes Roana (along with the other municipalities of the Altopiano) the perfect destination for a relaxing mountain holiday.  
The sweetness of the mountain profiles, the fresh air and the endless green invite to spend the day outdoor, in a peaceful environment, where the good climate and the magical colors throughout the four seasons of the year make the tourist feel in peace.
Roana can offer a high level of accommodation and a great network of sports choices, from football and volleyball to tennis, from ice skating or summer-skating to orienteering, from swimming to hiking trees and mountains, not to mention the hundreds of kilometers practicable in summer by bike and in winter skiing and finally a little lake suitable for swimming.
History has left thousands traces during the flow of time: from the prehistory, with the Valdassa graffiti, to the years of the Venetian Republic, when the whole Altopiano was an autonomous federation inhabited by the “Cimbri”, a germanic population that settled down and built villages; from the first world war, when entire villages were destroyed and many forts and trenches were built to fight the Austro-Hungarian enemy, to the years of reconstruction and tourism and agriculture development.
Even the enogastronomic perspective is rich in the Roana surroundings: mountains host tens of alpine huts, where chees is still produced, as long as many other local products, and the lands offer little fruits, mushrooms and herbs in plenty.
Every inch of the territory of Roana and the other seven municipalities is rich in history, culture and local traditions. Many festivals (such as the Hoga Zait) and celebrations are organized in order to preserve the ancient way of life and to show visitors how the strong population of the Altopiano used to live, never forgetting its own roots and its identity.
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