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SUCCESSFUL TEAM BUILDINGS WITH HOTEL VERONESI LA TORRE AND CASSIOPEA Hotel Veronesi La Torre in partnership with Cassiopea recommends an innovative team building experience: a parallel between the circus artists' ability and requested skills by the company to be competitive. An exclusive and innovative day outdoor, where the circus methafor becomes the key to many individual and team professional change considerations. A parallel between the circus artists' ability and the skills requested by the company to be competitive. At the Circus Academy in Verona, the most ancient and prestigious institution in Europe, the people actively participate in circus activites: the trapeze, the clownerie, the tightrope, the trampolin, the giocolerie, all useful to reflect on the company's characteristics and the team spirit.
In the afternoon, together with Cassiopeas' coaches, there will be a debriefing to analize the experience gained which can be directly applied to your daily life.

The aim of the circus experience is to discover trust, training, moral support, will-power, endurance, go beyond your limits, the method, inner strength and teamwork strength, the importance of roles, etc.

From - to: 9 am - 1 pm
Activity experience at Circus Academy in Verona
From - to: 1 pm - 6 pm
Lunch and activity debriething with the coaches at Cassiopea
Max 20 people
Comfortable clothing and training shoes is required.
There are highly experienced and professional tutors in all the activities.
All activities include insurance.
  • Hotel Veronesi La Torre, Via Monte Baldo 22, 37062 Villafranca di Verona
    Verona (VR)


Hotel Veronesi La Torre – Calzedonia Group is an ancient monastery turned into a 4-star hotel where fascination of the past blends with contemporary design. Because of its elegance and up-to date facilities, this hotel is suitable for guests who want more than the normal category standards and are looking for a particularly elegant and innovative setting.
Poslovni Stiki
Via Monte Baldo, 22
37018 - Dossobuono di Villafranca (VR)
Dodatne informacije
Hotel Veronesi La Torre is located near Verona Airport and just 15 minutes’ drive from Verona city center. it offers 90 rooms and 10 meeting rooms provided with natural day-light and up-to-date technical equipment, therefore it is a unique venue for successful events, workshops and seminars.
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