THE DESIGN MAKES ITS WAY The Italian product puts the idea at the heart of the project Our intent is to make tangible our products, which are all designed for the pleasure of living in the house.

The main goal is to present to the public our production, expressed not only by design but also through the careful research of non-pollutant, target that we have benn spontaneously trying  to reach from the beginning of our business, regardless of sucessive European regulations.
Another important factor for our work is the use of natural fabrics, from cotton to linen to the skins tanned natural high quality products exclusively only in Italy, all to trasmit the idea that the sofa or the bed, is not just an object created to fulfill the biological functions of the rest but it must be able to convey something more from pleasure to personal wellness.

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Cristian was born in 1975 from a passion for the furnishing of a young married couple with the aim of dealing with the world of design.
Since its fondation, it has been distinguished to the logic crafts and family entrepreneurship typical Venetian.
Made in Italy, quality, comfort and elegance are the feactures that have always characterized the company and they all represent an important element of prestige in the area of the house.
Company headquartered onli in Saonara outside Padua.
Poslovni Stiki
35020 - SAONARA (PD)
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Our Company designs and produces sofa, chairs and beds textile leather and fabrik of high range.
All the used matherials, of the highest quality and 100% made in Italy, are chosen after a careful research.
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