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JUNE 2015, AMONG FLOWERS, FRUITS AND DELICIOUS JAMS! Let’s discover flowers and fruits in season (blackberry and black cherry) and other typical products, admire “new entriespuppies and explore the insects world. Let your daily routine outside! Come and have fun with us!
Every Sunday of the entire period of Expo 2015 we propose activities, teach home-made recipes, reveal secrets about the agricultural techniques and discover the products that Mother Nature gives us.
For the month of June we have many ideas, which goal is to create a diversion from the routine, getting in touch with nature and its products.
Monday, 01st June
Treasure hunt!
We will organize a fantastic treasure hunt, on the entire surface of the farm. Let’s finish the game before the others, and win wonderful awards.
Sunday, 07th June
Let’s meet the new entries in our farm!

Puppies of donkey, calf, young goat, lamb..and much more!
They don’t have a name yet..what name do you like more for each one? We will organize a contest for the most beautiful and original names!
After that we will prepare jams of mulberry’s blackberry. The mulberries are big trees, integral part of the agricultural tradition in Italy, especially in the northern part; they produce juicy berries, excellent for the preparation of delicious jams.
Moreover mulberries are fundamental for the production of silkworms, as that these little animals eat only mulberry’s leaves. 
At the end: treasure hunt!
Sunday, 14th June
Discovering the huge little world of insects!
Equipped with small nets and magnifying glasses, we will explore the microscopic world of insects, trying to recognize the bigger number of animals, but without harming or scaring them.
Then we will gather walnuts, to produce the nocino, a typical spirit of our farmer’s traditions.
Sunday, 21st June
Let’s play inside the forest!

Have you ever fished along the river bank and built a raft? Well, this is your moment to do it with us!
Then to re-energize our bodies, we will harvest black cherries and we will taste them!
After that, it is the moment of the home-made recipes! This Sunday, we will learn how to knead flour with dew, to obtain the starter dough for bread!
Sunday, 28th June
Ditches: who lives there?
During this day, we will explore and discover ditches: where are they from, why they exist, and especially which animals and plants are living inside the ditches!
We will fish some frogs with the method of the “fiocco” and then we will release them.
The “fiocco” method is composed by a lure made to attract frog; they will bite the lure and that way it is possible to fish them, without hurting them.

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The farms of Altaura and Monte Ceva have (within their properties) initiated the re-naturalization of the plains forest and the Eugenean Hills landscape. Our intentions are to reach a balance between the demands of customers and those of nature. It was in this spirit that in 1998 the whole of both farms were converted over to organic cultivation methods.
In the year 2000 the farms were opened to the public as ‘Didactic Farm Schools’:
Poslovni Stiki
via Roma 30
35122 - Padova (PD)
+39 3440269412
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Recent studies reveal, what we have also verified on our farms, which is that these methods induce biodiversity-including a greater number of wild plants and animals into all levels of the food chain. On both farms, the restoration of buildings has followed the techniques of bio-ecological architecture. A biomass furnace has been installed to provide heat. Pruning of the surrounding hedges and forest provides the by-products needed to feed this furnace.
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