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TOURISTIC DESTINATION PROMOTION THROUGH INNOVATIVE ACCOMMODATION & FOOD OFFERS Italian best practice in hospitality and restaurants management: how to promote tourism products and destinations in domestic and international markets. Within the international EXPO 2015 I'd like to present some of the best women enterpreneurship in tourism.
Hospitality, consulting, restaurant management: excellent and innovative business made by italian women enthusiastic about their job and promoter of their destinations.

Villa Carrara, Riviera Cornicello, Bardolino
from 10am to 1.30pm
free entrance

  • Villa Carrara, Riviera Cornicello
    Bardolino (VR)


I'm a consultant and professor in tourism marketing matters.
I work since 2002 in many public and private boards studying and teaching about new trends in tourism.
Poslovni Stiki
Via Gandino 9/c
31100 - Treviso (TV)
Dodatne informacije
I've been consultant in main italian private/public boards as: Italian Touring Club, National Board for Foreign Commerce (ICE), Milan University, Udine University, Venice University and in many hotels, restaurants and hospitality firms.
Koledar Expo Veneto

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