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INGREDIENTS FROM THE WORLD FOR ITALIAN FOOD A tour of the origins of ingredients from around the world that are processed and transfornmed in the product we use to eat every day.
Barea company opens the doors of its premises to get awareness and appreciate the ingredients and raw materials imported from all over the world and that unexpectedly transformed in the famous and finest Italian food. Where does, how come, when it arrives in Italy, the Sultana present in the Panettone we use to eat on Christmas time? From which country comes the exotic Sesame garnishing breadsticks we tasted just last night ? And what about grated coconut praline which dominates the window of our favourite pastry shop? We will guide you on an interesting journey will touch some of the most popular ingredients for bakery and pastry, through the countries of origin, the import mode, the logical distribution, to the end use.

FRIDAY, July 17th, 14:30 - 18:30 reservation requested.
  • via F.lli Bandiera, 2
    Quinto di Treviso (TV)


Barea imports and distributes food raw materials from all over the world: we are able to supply confectionery and ice cream makers, bakers and pastry, offering a complete range of specific products, sultanas and  dried dehydrated fruits,  seeds, special flours and spices. We supply directly the food industries, laboratories and wholesalers, with particular efforts on the BIO and ORGANICS world.
Poslovni Stiki
via F.lli Bandiera, 2
31055 - Quinto di Treviso (TV)
+39 0422470222
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Now on the third generation, we are determined to continue what Silvio Sergio and Barea started a century ago.
Barea Srl was born in Treviso through the experience of its founders in the field of fruits and vegetables trade and over time specializes itself in the import of dried fruit.
Thanks strong knowledge acquired over time and the leading of Antonio Barea our president, our organization is now able to supply confecionary and ice cream makers, beakers and pastry, offering a complete range of specific products, sultanas and dried fruits, seeds, special flours and spices.
Increasingly, with the tenacity and conviction that distinguishes Barea family, the company is gaining a slice relevant market share, building important relationships with leading food and confectionery italian industries.
At the same time over the years has been able to become a strong plaiyer in international markets for the supply of raw materials, paying particular attention to quality from the source. In two premises of about four thousand square meters each, owned by the company, everyday products and goods arrive from around the world.
Barea has maintained in its organization part of the family who, for different skills, covering all business functions, from sales, quality, for both the conventional or organics market. 
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