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Sports events and music. Food stand open.

All sportsmen of the area come together on this day to Mazzantica that is now come to be a tradition of Mazzantica. The sport recognized in all its importance for the growth and sviluppopsico-being of children, theme that will also resubmitted World Expo 2015. During the two-day festival GSS Mazzantica some organizes football tournaments and other sports which are very popular and loved by the residents. There is as every year the chance to dine on site by reservation upon arrival to the sports facilities of Mazzantica.


Coming from far will find convenient parking in the vicinity of the Church and the sports facilities. The new property is located in the square Antica Pieve; the name of the square comes from the Medieval church whose interior contains frescoes and artwork of Brusasorzi. Who was the sports festival is invited to visit the church of Mazzantica in all its beauty, which remains open during the Sunday morning church service for the Holy. The culture and art of Mazzantica rank among the most important art of the Lower Veronese; the same works of art will find ample space at Expo Milano 2015.
On site there are public restrooms and picnic areas and games for children.
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Oppeano is a small city in the territory of Verona; there are about 9.000 people living here.
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Dodatne informacije
Oppeano with Gazzo Veronese represent between X and the fourth century BC the epicenters of a system of settlements that can control the entire territory of the plain: from the left bank of the Adige to the Mincio . They were real outposts south - western world of the ancient Veneti in Este and Padua who had their capitals . The hump on which it stands the ancient town of Oppeano is positioned almost at the height of the Veronese plain average limited to the north by the end of the high plain and the river Adige , to the south by the end of the low plains , to the east by the province of Vicenza west wing by moraine and the province of Mantova .
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