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CAMMINATA DEL DRAGHETTO, 13TH EDITION” AND “FESTA DEL BAMBINO, 9TH EDITION “LA CAMMINATA DEL DRAGHETTO” is a beautiful walk along the "country-side roads” of Pero, a small rural village of 1,200 habitants at about 13 Km from
Treviso, that leads to the discovery of local farms and local natural resources such as rivers, water resurgences and drinking water fountains
The event is organized in collaboration with the local kindergarten "San Giuseppe" and it takes place in the streets and in the characteristics "country-side roads" of Pero village allowing free-visits to country-side houses and farms, presentations of the typical landscapes and children’s activities. Over the years the event has gradually achieved an ever-growing success of participation of children of all ages especially those in their early childhood. It has also become an opportunity for parents, grandparents, relatives, friends and families to meet and spend a relaxing and exiting day outdoor in the beautiful landscapes of Veneto countryside. In addition, it represents a great opportunity for children to learn about rural traditions, to meet and touch farm animals, to discover local water resurgences and drinking water fountains, to have fun out-door and play antique flavor games. During the walk there will be several free-food tasting stations and demonstrations of old-fashion manufacturing of cheese and salami. Beside these food-tasting stations, several points will be available for recreational activities, interacting readings, live music and other exiting surprises. The route, which varies from year to year, is about 4 km long and it is an easy walk for everybody including elders or parents with children in strollers. Every year special presents will be awarded to large kindergarten and primary school groups who sign up.

Additional information and program details of the ‘CAMMINATA DEL DRAGHETTO’ 13th Edition can be found at:
  • via Della Vittoria, 2
    Breda di Piave (TV)


G.U.P. (GRUPPI UNITI PERO) is a group of volunteers composed of young and less young people that belong to various local organizations, who want to put together their forces and resources for a common goal: to carry out activities related to their traditions and to organize events aimed at involving various fields of everyday life, from recreational to social.
Poslovni Stiki
Via Vittoria n.2
31030 - Breda di Piave (TV)
+39 3294127882
Dodatne informacije
The G.U.P. became a non-profit organization on July 3rd 2006.
Koledar Expo Veneto

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