DO YOU SPEAK WINE?  Let’s talk about wine and all the products of this wonderful region that is the Veneto! Let’s interpret them, translate them and narrate them!
Our hectic life does not allow us to devote time to ourselves, to our friends, to our relatives, not even to our families, it doesn’t allow us to spend time with people like we used to, sitting with a glass of wine in hand, while telling our stories, learning new things, getting to know people from other countries.
Can all this still be done?
Let’s meet up at the café, at the new wine bar, at the pub to learn a new foreign language while savoring some wine and food to go with it. Let’s do it according to the Italian way of life, without the excessive formality of a classroom, of a pretentious environment. Let's treasure  our Veneto culture where food and wine have always been like good friends, accompanying us during the important times of our social lives. 
By means of themed events, we aim to underline the importance of cultivating foreign languages and to foster the self-awareness, knowledge and appreciation  of Veneto’s regional heritage as well as encouraging entrepreneurial interest geared towards the self-employment of young people. 
Thanks to the many culinary courses and to the activities of several specialized wine fairs, the world of wine is currently buzzing with interest and not only in Italy.
Nowadays the market requires connoisseurs who are able to promote the particular product that wine is, in the best possible way even by speaking other languages!
Our project is targeted towards all retailers, salespeople (wine bars, wine shops etc.), and restaurateurs (typical local trattorias, inns etc.) of the Veneto region.
This stage of product awareness shall increase the level of the food and wine offered in the Veneto and above all, shall educate those who operate in the field, in turn, educating the consumer.
The project will be territorial, in order to promote local delicacies but also global as it will be included within the itineraries of EXPO Veneto (
In terms of organization, 1 event will be held in each province of the region and during this first stage no more than 10 events in total throughout the whole of the Veneto.
Introducing wineries and wines 
Tasting wines paired with typical Veneto dishes
Business/technical English training

Bar owners/managers and interpreters as co-writers - taking notes about the experiences people shared together during the courses, presentations and promotional evenings and writing them in a diary. This will enable them to share practical tips and viewpoints, each offering their own contribution and expertise and to express their appreciation and gratitude for the fruits of our land. The diary will be translated into the 13 languages represented by our company allowing us to present the Venetian identity we take pride in.
Conclusions - In a sip of wine and in the aroma that it gives off, there is a world of tradition, of respect for the land, of the efforts and satisfaction of its people. The discovery of the underlying  quality of Venetian culture leads us to a greater awareness of this inestimable value that belongs to us.


October 29, 2015
Castello di Bevilacqua
Via Roma 50, 37040 Bevilacqua (VR)

9.30 am
Participant registration

10.00 am
Introduction and welcome greetings
(interpreting included  IT-EN, IT-RU)

10.30 am
Storytelling, winery 1
(consecutive interpreting  IT-EN, IT-RU)

11 am
Storytelling, winery 2
(consecutive interpreting  IT-EN, IT-RU)

11.30 am
Storytelling, winery 3
(consecutive interpreting  IT-EN, IT-RU)

12 am
Storytelling, winery 4
(consecutive interpreting  IT-EN, IT-RU)

12.45 am

2.30 pm
Meetings B2B, winerys, Italian entrepreneurs and with foreign buyers
(negotiatian interpreting included IT-EN, IT-RU)


(24 people max)
€ 300.00 + VAT /  person /  event

(24 people max)
€ 120.00 + VAT / person

(8 people max)
€ 2,900.00 + VAT /  person /  course

mobile phone: ++39 3802907179, ++393429126522
from 9,30 -13.00 15.00-19.00
  • Via Roma 50
    Bevilacqua (VR)


Majulero Società Cooperativa
N° members:18

FOUNDED:    November 4, 2009
Majulero Società Cooperativa is a cooperative society which has a solid team of interpreters for the following languages: English, Anglo-American, German, French, Spanish, Croatian, Serbian, Slovenian, Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Arabic, Hungarian, Albanian, Romanian.  All our interpreters have the experience  in national and international fairs and workshops.
Language courses

Poslovni kontakti
45100 - ROVIGO (RO)
Dodatne informacije
Chronology of recent jobs:
December 2-3-4-5 2014 "Buy Made in Veneto 5" - Organized by  VENETO PROMOZIONE with foreign buyers from Korea, Japan, China, Russia, USA, Canada, Israel, United Arab Emirates, the source language Italian to Russian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and English. Educational Tours, source language English into Chinese and Russian practiced in the company visits at the enterprises located  in  Vicenza, Verona, Treviso and Venice.
June 2014 Veneto Promozione - "Wines and Food" meetings with buyers, negotiation interpreting services from English to Italian, consecutive interpretation of the opening speech.
April 2014 Veneto Promozione "Project Iraq" - negotiation interpreting services interpreting and simultaneous Italian-Arabic, 7 interpreters, Kurdistan buyers .
December 2-5, 2013 International Workshop BUY MADE IN VENETO 4 where they met 35 buyers from Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kurdistan, Southern Africa, South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore with Venetian manufacturers and sellers of furniture and fashion industry.
The Majulero Cooperative executed simultaneous interpretation at the opening  conference ceremony  in: Arabic, English, Russian. It followed the negotiantion interpretation service. 
Foreign buyers met Venetian producers in more than 150 meetings. The interpretation service was done by 18 interpreters in three languages: Arabic, English, Russian.
December 4 and 5 buyers have participated in educational tour visiting various entrprises of Treviso, Vicenza, Verona and Venice. The interpreters were divided into 4 groups according to their language combinations.
April 2014 Project Iraq - Treviso at the Chamber of Commerce, simultaneous interpretation service and negotiation interpretation service from Italian into Arabic and vice versa.
In this workshop they met numerous buyers of the Autonomous Region of Kurdistan with Veneto entrepreneurs of the construction industry, chaired by Shekh Mustafa Abdularaham Abdullahn - Chairman of the Kurdistan Import and Export Union.

 The most important participations- Interpretations of relief:

February 12, 2010 International conference "ADRIATIC-CREMONA" CONSVIPO ROVIGO - simultaneously interpretation from Italian to Croatian

April 27-29, 2010 Visit of the Latvian delegation, interpreting Italian-Russian organized by CONSVIPO /Consortium of local development/

November 14-16, 2010 WP4 ENHANCING HUMAN CAPITAL AND AWARENESS Project AsviLoc CONSVIPO- consecutive interpretation EN_IT_EN

March 31, 2011 "Google Earth" visit of Mr Gonzales, The manager for Southern Europe, Presentation of Google Maps- simultaneous interpretation IT-ESP

October 28, 2011 Visit of prof. Alexey Ivanaskiy,  wordl famous expert of nanotechnology and Protector of Moscow State Open University - consecutive interpretation IT- Russian Province of Rovigo - Councillor prof. Leonardo Raito

September, 27-28 2012 Unioncamere Veneto, interpretation Bulgarian-Italian during the visit of the Bulgarian delegation

Tourism web site Province of Rovigo IT-EN
"ANELLO DELLA DONZELLA" tourism marketing material to promote Delta del Po IT-FR IT-DEM
Booklet oratory- Concert "Joanes Paulus Secundus"- life of Pope John Paul The Second IT-POLISH
"Stories by the stove"- E-BOOK  a collection of stories written by the children where the Mediteranian Diet is the good guy and the good guys always wins. IT-EN

May 28, 2011 "Different looks on the same sea"- Photo exibition, with participation of two authors, Italian and Croatian.
December 28, 2011 " Joanes Paulus Secundus" concert starring 100 musicians, at the Cathedral of Rovigo, sponsored by Veneto Region, Province of Rovigo, Polish Embassy at the Holy See
October 30, 2012 Concert "Viaggio nel tempo con la magia del canto" /Journey trough the time with the magic of singing "/ at the AUDITORIUM "F.Venezze" Rovigo, M° Attucci pianoforte, soprano Martina Bortolotti.

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