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VIVIDELTA! A PROJECT OF TOURISM NETWORK IN THE FISHERIES SECTOR. ViviDelta! A project of tourism network in the fisheries sector. In recent months Confcooperative Rovigo - Federcoopesca we wanted to start several discussions and sharing related to the themes of "Blue Tourism", in particular in the activities related to the fishing industry such as those of fish tourism and the fishing tourism.
From these meetings it gave rise to the need to create a system and an innovative model that could be boosting the potential of these activities.
The ViviDelta project run by PolesineLab, was created to address these needs, setting the goal of supporting and enhancing a new model of tourism cooperative, creating synergies and networks not only among the fishermen but also between the different actors of the territory, in an attempt to give birth to new experiences of responsible tourism, experiential and sustainable in our territory.

At 15.00: Municipality of Porto Tolle (Piazza Ciceruacchio, 9, 45018 Porto Tolle RO) 
Welcome address;
Claudio Bellan, Mayor Porto Tolle;
Adriano Gambetta, Responsible for operational base of land Adriatic LNG;

Marco Gottardi, Authority Park of Delta Po;
Diego Tessari, Section hunting and fishing Veneto Region;
Mario Richieri, Section hunting and fishing Veneto Region;
Federico Paralovo, Presentation of the project ViviDelta; 

Coordinates: Marco Spinadin, President Federcoopesca Veneto
At 16.30: Sacca Del Canarin Via Isonzo Porto Tolle
Short trips and tours with boats fishing tourism. 

At 17.30: Sacca Del Canarin Via Isonzo Porto Tolle
Appetizer buffet by the Cooperative Andromeda. 
  • Via Isonzo Sacca Del Canarin
    Porto Tolle (RO)
  • Piazza Ciceruacchio, 9
    Porto Tolle (RO)


Confcooperative Rovigo is an organization of representation that assists and provides services to member cooperatives and is at the institutional level.
Poslovni kontakti
Viale Porta Adige 45/G
45100 - Rovigo (RO)
+39 0425 21667
Dodatne informacije
The Confederazione Cooperative Italiane was first established in 1919. After its dissolution carried out by the Fascist Government, it was re-established on a new basis in 1945 by representatives of the Catholic world. In 1947, co-operation and its social function received the official acknoledgement by the Italian State in art. 45 of the Italian Constitution and Confcooperative itself was acknowleged as a primary national association representing, assisting, protecting and auditing the co-operative movement.
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