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A MORNING DEDICATED TO DISCOVERING THE REAL VENETIAN CUISINE… Venice lived among the Rialto market and the implementation of the food. And this time it will be you choose the best local produce with a Chef of Excellence, which will guide you in the selection directly to the Rialto market and the creation of culinary arts at the Palace! In a spectacular city like Venice, where you can enjoy the pleasure of walking, where frenetic rhythms and traffic stress are replaced by small streets, bridges and alleys, we will lead you in a unique day, meticulously studied in all details for you… characterized by tradition, flavors and  aromas… to make you leave, for one day, the shoes of tourist and accompany you in the beating heart of the city, as only a real Venetian can do.
The morning will start with a walk through the stalls of Rialto Markets, a Market internationally renowned, a blaze of colors. You will be led through fresh products, seasonal fruits, freshly-caught fishes and crustaceans by an outstanding guide: a Chef famous thanks to his innumerable participations to television broadcasts and renowned for his love for healthy cuisine, will be pleased to unveil old recipes handed down from generation to generation.
In front of you, the Grand Canal…and a typical Venetian boat waiting for you and leading you directly to the doors of one of the most beautiful historical palaces of the city, setting of aristocratic events, exclusive gala dinners and cocktails from ‘500 until now. Welcomed by the “owner of the House” in the main entrance, Guests of Honor, you will be led/ guided through large saloons characterized by their ancient atmosphere, with renaissance frescos and ancient furniture. On the one hand, from the floor-to-ceiling windows, you can admire the amazing view of the major city channel and, on the other, will appear in front of your eyes a little corner of green paradise, a garden realized during the XIX century, developed during the years… a true joy for the eyes!
After having delight the view, why do not please the palate? From the starter to the desert, the Chef will describe you the menu,  specially created for the event…a menu that, under the supervision of an expert eye, will become alive thanks to you, the protagonists of the day. You will prepare, cook and taste the most fresh organic and local products, typical from the Veneto region… a genuine cooking, simple as in the past and with refined dishes as only a luxury restaurant can offer.
Since a quality product is synonym of passion, since a meal is the result of years of experience and dedication, we wanted to support  our trustworthy Chef  with people  specialized in the agricultural sector, who follow day by day the grown of products and are at your disposal for providing a full range of advice for choosing wines, vegetables and food.. advice that, why not, will be useful in the kitchen, to spool your friends and relatives with receipts with real Italian taste.

  • Hours: 9:00 am to 12:30 pm
  • How to participate: Minimum 2 people- Maximum 10 people
  • Possibility of speaking assistant
  • Packed inside the building on request
  • Ability to organize the event at any other date on request
  • Rialto Venezia
    Venezia (VE)


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