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SAPPADA, PLEASURE FOR THE EYES AND THE PALATE A jouney throuth the beautiful Dolomites, savouring the unique tastes of local tradition.  Saurnschotte cheese with tarragon/ pèrschtròmm from Sappada / Plodn - Dolomites
The pèrschtròmm (tarragon) widespread in the hauses'gardens of Sappada/Plodn is an aromatic herb used in traditional Sappada's cooking, especially for this make of the saurnschotte. The herb harvesting ( a variety of artemisa dracunculus) traditionally takes place in the period between the two Virgin Mary holidays ( 15/ 08 Assumption - 08/09 Nativity of Mary): once harvested, the leavers are chopped and preserved in salt. The acis ricotta cheese is produced by milk fermentation worked for a couple of days and seasoned with salt and pepper. this gives the herbs a special taste whis is intense and slightly spicy. Many housewivef in Sappada still produce this cheese over a wooden fire. The saurnschotte is made with soured whole milk left in a special cast iron container (schottehovn) on the plate of the stove until it gets the right consistency. At one time the ricotta cheese, was then stored in a jar or in a bowl (milchhovn) covered with water, in the basement or in wooden tubs ( schotteschòff). Home made surnschotte is the main ingredient of shottedunkate, a typical recipe of Sappada and mixes the sour ricotta with foam from polenta and the milk. The mixure is then seasoned with melted sizzing butter. It is also used as a filling for a variant of "gepitschta kropfn"( stuffed pinched ravioli) or can be served simply with bread or polenta. we invite you to try this ricotta cheese, a recipe handed down over the generations and rediscovered throuth local restaurants who reinterpreted the recipe and have included in their menus. 

Culinary events related to the  Saurnschotte
Culinary Carnival Festival:
During the carnival period (three weeks prior to Ash Wednesday - Lent) there is held the Culinary Carnival Festival. All the partecipating restauratnts offer a menu of traditional Sappada recipes, including the Saurnschotte dishes. 
Plodar Runde:
Durinf July and September, Sappada's bars, restaurants and alpine lodges organize a culinary tour, along the valley, so called Plodar Runde, which is  a gastronomic multi- stages tasting tour. Everything is accompanied with wines, beers or local grappa ( including the one with the tarragon). The common thread of this culinary tour is the Saurnschotte. 
Sappamukki ( 12 -13 September 2015):
The festival of the cows returning from the mountains for winter. This event is accompanied with traditional music and an exhibition of alpine farming products reflecting the authentic mountain experience. A special area is devoted to the most exclusive product, for example the Saurnschotte / cheese with tarragon. The Micheiln - starred chefs come to Sappada during this festival and prepare dishes live, using the local delicacies from Sappada, which gives the public an opportunity to taste the food. 
The Saurnschotte meets the Prosecco:
The traditional Saurnschotte also opens up to new and modern combinations of flavours, for example the Prosecco wine from the hills of Conegliano Veneto. In the picturesque setting of the restaurant Ca' Del Poggio, in Conegliano, the menu offers tasting based on the combination of there flavour.
Cultural side events
Photographic Saurnschotte Exhibition from past to future:
Restaurants partecipating at the culinary demonstration exhibit a collection of black and white photographs of the dairy based dishes and their production and including the harvesting of the tarragon, the milk and the made.
Useful informations:
For more info reguarding the dates and locations  you can send an email to
info@comune.sappada.bl.it or log into www. sappadadolomiti.com/

  • Borgata bach 11
    Sappada (BL)


Sappda is a charming village on the Dolomites treating its guests to beautiful winter and summer's landscapes. There are many opportunities to partecipate in outdoors activities: from walking along the paths or in the snow with snowshoes or mountaineering skiing. There are many types of skiing avaiable from Alpine skiing, cross country skiing on a skiing track that runs alongside the village and the river Piave, which is born here. For the children, Nevelandia Snow Park is a wonderful attraction.
Borgata Bach 11
32047 - Sappada (BL)
+39 0435 469126 www.comune.sappada.bl.it
Ytterligare information
Sappada was founded around the year 1000, when 15 families from the near Austria asked the Patriarch of Aquileia to be able to settle in the valley. These 15 families are still recognizable in the names of the village's township. The tradition also still lives in the dialect sponken in Sappada, an ancient German language. The village is in fact a German- speaking enclave. Even the architecture refers to its German heritage. A walk throught Sappada today you can stiull see and admire the old wooden houses built with the Blockbau interlocking technique, tipical og German culture. 
The history of Sappada is also represented in the valley's special carnival, which run's over three consecutive Sundays and represents the poor, the farmersand the lords. The carnival re-enacts moments from everyday life in each period. The characters wear typical clothes of the time and wooden masks carved by local craftsmen. In Sappada today you can experience these traditions in different aspects of modern life and this is what makes it such an authentic and unique place. 
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