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DISCOVERING THE VENICE LIDO Discover the Lido of Venice: Natural Oasis of Alberoni, the ancient village of Malamocco and Liberty. DISCOVERING THE LIDO OF VENICE ...

It was in early 1900 that the Lido was chosen as the place chosen by European vacation more educated and worldly lived between the golden beach, the great luxury and splendor of Venice became contemporary through the Art Biennials and subsequently the first Film Festival. In the wake of the big hotels in Art Deco and Jugendstiel, freely mixed elements of traditional Moorish and Byzantine architecture, were built dozens of houses, pensions and hotels in the typical architecture known as Liberty lidense. Developed in the area of ​​the waterfront, along the lagoon and within the narrow streets lined with gardens and canals

The Lido natural, with its Oasis of San Nicolò and Alberoni, connect the embankment Murazzi, operates the Serenissima to defend the sea built with boulders in Istrian stone, traveled by bicycle.

The old village of Malamocco, one of the oldest in the Venetian Lagoon, once crossed by the path of the seven-syllable, a kind of lines of communication between earth and sandbanks that connected Altino to Ravenna. Here was located the first Dogado Veneziano. History, traditions, views and enchanting sunsets alternate between the narrow streets, squares and the small museum, maybe stopping for a taste of local delicacies in the nearby village of Pubs.

** Possibility to book a guide available for the discovery of the island.

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• Possibility to book a guide available for the discovery of the Island
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Ape Tours is a travel agency, situated in Pellestrina, a little island in the Venetian lagoon. Our main purpose is to plan and offer original proposals to discover the lagoon and its territories; to get aboard historic boats and enjoy a unique excursion; sight-seeing tours, trips along local traditions. At our office you can also rent an old-fashioned bicycle that has been properly repaired to make your riding even more pleasant.
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The Ape Tours travel agency was founded by Mrs Alberta Busetto who has a trained experience of over 20 years as a tour operatour working in the travelling environment. Our office gives to you original solutions through the search of local values and traditions.
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