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THE TORCELLO BASILICA AND ITS SECRET ITINERARIES The Torcello Basilica is one of the oldest places in the entire Venetian lagoon, but remains, at the same time, unknown to most visitors of Venice. Venetoinside.com takes you to discover this magic and mysterious place with a tour between past and present! Torcello is a magic and mysterious island, with a timeless charm, rich of history and surrounded by enchanting panoramas. This place in the Venetian lagoon, far from the common tourist routes, can be the ideal starting point to discover some unknown aspects about the history of the region. Venetoinside.com, with the tour ‘The Torcello Basilica and its secret itineraries’, will help you to discover in details the most important monument of the island, making your experience at Expo Veneto 2015 unique and original.

Torcello, in the past, used to be one of the crucial centres in the Venetian lagoon. With the increasing importance of Venice, the inhabitants of Torcello started to move away from the small island. The place, though, has maintained in the centuries its fascination and beauty, keeping traces of its ancient splendour. Thanks to the guided tour ‘The Torcello Basilica and its secret itineraries’, you will visit the Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta, a true masterpiece of Venetian-Byzantine art, and discover every precious detail of the church: from the majestic architectures to the beautiful mosaics, to its hidden corners. The tour will also allow you to visit two areas which remained inaccessible for centuries: the sacristy and the crypt.

The solemn atmosphere of the Basilica suggests to the visitors the importance of the site and gives them an experience between past and present. During your stay in Venice for Expo 2015, allow yourself an original day tour in Torcello to discover its art and be conquered by its mystery and charm.

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