DISCOVER THE BIRTH OF CHEESE: TAKE A TOUR AT CASEIFICIO DI BARBARANO! Guided tours, by appointment, in our factory: Caseificio Sociale Ponte di Barbarano. You can book a guided tour at the dairy. In this tour you can observe the various phases of processing milk into cheese and learn about its history. These visits are very interesting to discover the Grana Padano, cheese often unknown for its unique tradition and production. At the end of the visit all of our guests are pleasantly surprised to have seen with their own eyes the extraordinary production of this cheese born about thousand year ago, but today still unique and closely linked to our land and our culture.

All tours must be booked by calling the office at number +390444795306 or e-mail at info@caseificiobarbrarano.it.
Groups must be a maximum of 40 people. The visits are also possible for schools. Children must be accompanied.
The tour of the dairy lasts 35-40 minutes and will extend in all processing rooms, so you need a visitor kit (disposable shirts, cover for shoes and hat) available in pharmacies or in specialty stores.
There is no charge for the visit, after which you can taste our cheeses and, if you want, buy in our shop.
You can eat or stay in many restaurants and B&B scattered around in the beautiful landscapes of Colli Berici.
  • Via Capitello, 2
    Ponte di Barbarano Vicentino (VI)


We collect milk from farms for producing Grana Padano D.O.P., Asiago Pressato D.O.P., milk, butter and cheese. We have a shop for direct sale of our dairy products and many other typical products of the Colli Berici. We produce feed with selected cereals for dairy cows and for the pigs in our farms.
Via Capitello, 2
36021 - Ponte di Barbarano Vic.no (VI)
+390444795306 www.caseificiobarbarano.it
Ytterligare information
Caseificio Sociale Ponte di Barbarano was Formed January 30, 1922 by a group of farmers in the province of Vicenza. Today is an important reference in its field with 90 farms that produce 100 tons of milk daily. Faces the challenge of the future with the tradition of its products supported by technological innovation and rigorous checks to ensure a production always excellent . The quality system is adjusted to the new UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 to ensure a complete chain of all products, with a careful selection of raw materials to feed the dairy cows. Breeding of about 800 pigs with the derivatives of the dairy processing (whey). The Cheese Factory produces Grana Padano and Asiago, both "D.O.P.": Protected Denomination of Origin and other 15 kinds of cheeses made exclusively with fresh milk Veneto.
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