THE WORLD OF GELATO Basic course of gelato, to learn the basic practical concepts necessary to run a gelato shop. With this course you will acquire sufficient knowledge about artisan gelato business and production; all you need to move eagerly towards the following steps of your training to become a gelato entrepreneur.
You will learn to produce artisan gelato with practical workshop; besides the production there will be lessons concerning all the information that you will need to start your artisan gelato business.

Subjects covered day by day:

Day 1
- history and origin of artisan gelato;
- location research;
- business plan: analysis and how to do it;
- optimization of services and product offered;
- shop communication;
- advertising and social media;
- sales management and customer loyalty.

Day 2
- what is the artisan gelato?
- raw materials;
- production method for the gelato mix;
- practical production of artisan gelato.

Day 3
- production cycle: from the raw materials to the gelato selling;
- sauce making;
- variegated flavors;
- practical production of artisan gelato.

Day 4
- balancing gelato cream mix;
- integration for correct balancing;
- practical production of artisan gelato.

Day 5
- sorbets and fruits gelato;
- differences from sorbets and gelato;
- sorbets balancing;
- stick gelato;
- practical production of artisan gelato.

Times of the course: from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm 

How much does it cost?
550 euro + VAT (22%) for person with the coffee break included

How can I book at the course?
Sending an e-mail to info@csgonline.it specifying the name of the course or calling the number +39 049 87 02 229
Otherwise you can book the course using our website: www.csgonline.it/csg/corsi
Note: the reservation will be close 3 days before the start of the course, or, if we reach the maximum number of participants the reservation may be close in advance.

How can I pay the course?
In 3 different ways:
-  with credit card, using pay pal
-  with payment in advance. Send an email at info@csgonline.it tell the course you want to pay and  ask for the bank details.
-  with cash at our shops

When I have to pay for the course?
You have absolutely to pay in advance to avoid of been exclude

Can you help me to book a room in an hotel?
For our students, we set favorable rates with the local hotels. Csg staff will book the hotel for students that require it.

I don't have the car, is there any bus services to and from the hotel?
CSG will provide a bus for students to and from the hotel at the beginning and end of each day.
Our location is also served by the local bus service, line nr 7, stop via Irpinia.


Csg has as its primary purposes the satisfaction and the professional growth of its customers: artisan gelato maker, pastry chefs, bartenders, restaurateurs, tourist activities, canteens.

We accompain the customers' development in many services:
  • Business plan counseling and study
  • Furniture design and shop masterplan
  • Implementation and realization of the final project for your shop
  • Before and after sales assistance
  • Training courses
35127 - PADOVA (PD)
Ytterligare information
Our costumers are artisan gelato company, pastries, bars, restaurant, business canteens, hotels and commercial business' dealers.

We design and refined shops and export equipment (new or used) in all the world. 

Our 30 year experience in the business is the confirmation of a company that has always invested in people, research, training and the expertise to recognize, choose and sell the best products in the market.
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