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LATTEBUSCHE'S OPEN DAY - 2015 EDITION Lattebusche opens its doors to the public, on a special day that will allow all cheese and milk lovers to see how its specialities are made. Lattebusche's master dairymen will guide you in a journey through the various production stages, that will end with a degustation of the company's best cheeses. We are a cooperative and have been doing business in the dairy industry for more than 50 years. We are seriously committed to a deep respect for our local environment which constitutes the natural foundation for the genuineness of our raw material, raw milk. Hence, Lattebusche has always followed a company policy aimed at pursuing high qualitative objectives in terms of the raw material, which represents the company's real strong point. The milk is collected daily from more than 400 cooperative members' stables, and paid according to its quality. Qualitatively superior milk means hence a higher price that is paid to the farmer. This because life in the mountains is much harder than that in the lowland, and Lattebusche wants to give the farmers the means to keep living in their villages in the mountains, thus allowing them to care about the nature's state and preventing the detrimental phenomena of abandonment of the territory.
The Open Day is an annual appointment to which everyone is invited, but it is aimed especially to those cheese and milk fanatics who are curious about getting to know more about their production processes. The guided tour through lattebusche's facilities will be followed by a special degustation of the Cooperative's best cheeses and dairy products.

When: Sunday, May the 10th 2015, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Where: Lattebusche's Headquarters, Via Nazionale 59, 32030 Busche (BL), Italy
The entrance is free and no reservation is needed.
For more info please email us at info@lattebusche.it
  • Via nazionale 59
    Busche (BL)


Lattebusche is a cooperative active since 1954 in the fresh milk and chees business. Based in Busche, in Veneto's northernmost province, the mountainous Belluno, it gathers more than 400 members, who daily hand in their fresh milk at its production facilities. The collected milk is pasteurized and then either immediately commercialized as fresh, high-quality milk, or manufactured and turned into a range of cheeses, that stretches from fresh to aged. Lattebusche's most famous chees is the Piave DOP.
Via Nazionale 59
32030 - Busche di Cesiomaggiore (BL)
+39 0439 3191 www.lattebusche.com
Ytterligare information
LATTEBUSCHE, with offices in Busche, in the province of Belluno, an uncontaminated area rich in grazing land and bordering on the Belluno Dolomites National Park, is a Cooperative that has been making business in the cheese industry for over 50 years.
The company's efforts, which always target customer satisfaction and are sustained by significant investments for the technological modernization of the production plants, have been recognized and appreciated by the market over the years.
An incisive sales policy has made it possible to expand the company's range of action, passing from a simple local business to asserting the presence of its products in northern Italy and with Piave cheese in the entire peninsula, other European countries and in North America. .
Today LATTABUSCHE employees more than 200 people in the four Veneto production units: Busche (BL), Chioggia (VE), Sandrigo (VI) and San Pietro in Gù (PD).
The Cooperative has always followed a company policy aimed at pursuing high qualitative objectives in terms of the raw material, which represents the company's real strong point.
For this purpose, the collection stalls are subjected to constant control by the health authorities and by the company, ensuring the members consultation and support for what concerns the hygiene of the facility, the milking machinery and the raw material.
All of the farms are equipped with cooling tanks for the conservation of the milk, from milking to the daily, differentiated collection, selecting the milk based on the qualitative characteristics to then send it to the various processing locations.
Furthermore, since 1982 , LATTEBUSCHE has instituted a milk payment system based on quality with the purpose of stimulating the producers  to constantly improve the raw material, both in terms of the nutritional content as well as health and hygiene.
By means of two monthly samples taken directly at the stall, the company verifies the qualitative value of the milk at the moment of production on the basis of predetermined parameters (fat, protein, bacterial count, somatic cells).
Next, upon delivery, the raw material is subjected to additional controls, with the purpose of verifying the conformity for production use before unloaded at the company.
LATTEBUSCHE has placed particular attention to investments in the production lines which undergo continuous technological modernization  and able to guarantee constant quality in the various productions, in terms of both organoleptic characteristics and food safety.
The production facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art systems; In particular, the Busche facility, dedicated primarily to the production of typical cheese, is highly automated; it is the first in Italy with the "Casomatic" system.
Finally, continuing professional training is a consolidated procedure at LATTEBUSCHE, which, through training courses and seminars constantly involves all internal and external workers; moreover, the corporate functions are involved in the "quality circles" through meetings that focus on the constant improvement of the business processes.
Lattebusche's product range stretches from high quality fresh milk, to fresh and aged cheeses (among which stands out the awards-collector Piave DOP), and to various dairy products.

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