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THE FLAVOUR AND AROMA OF MILK AT THE BRITE DE LARIETO Discover a delightful "casket ready to welcome you with warm hospitality and traditional flavours"... ... this is how the Brite de Larieto agritourism farmhouse enterprise presents itself, a jewel set in the biggest larch forest in Europe, providing accommodation and cuisine, with annexed stables and cheesemaking dairy.
A short walk along path number 211 through a magnificent larch forest to the Mietres Refuge, offering a breathtaking view of Cortina (c. 1 hour for both legs of the walk).
The restaurant offers only dishes prepared on-site, where respect for nature, passion for tradition and use of authentic quality raw materials are the key ingredients. Guests and visitors are invariably fascinated by the passion and dedication of chef Riccardo Gaspari, an Alpine skiing champion today totally devoted to his new vocation. "Riki" expresses his philosophy through the exquisite dishes that have made him famous: "My cuisine is minimalist, in that it follows but "improves" tradition by investing in the quality and seasonal nature of all its ingredients. Here, this involves the shortest journey possible: the few yards between the stable and the table."
By the side of the road back towards Cortina stands the Piccolo Brite dairy farm and shop. This is a veritable mountainside boutique offering zero-kilometre products made from milk produced by the farm's own cows grazing on its own grass. In the summer, you can picnic in the rolling meadows surrounding the dairy... which offers you baskets with bread, cheese and cured meats, craft beer, yoghurt and... a rug! Another way to relish the essence of Cortina, the Queen of the Dolomites: its tastes in your mouth and your eyes feasting on the magical UNESCO World Heritage landscape.
How many holes in a piece of cheese? What colour is milk? At the Piccolo Brite dairy farm, children from 5 to 12 can get to know the tricks and secrets of their favourite drink: one two-hour course is enough for the "cheese magician" to show them the magic that turns milk into cheese. 

Contact: El Brite de Larieto, tel. 0039 368 7008083; info@elbritedelarieto.it; www.elbritedelarieto.it.
The visits can be organized all the year long, for lunch and dinner, also with the help of the naturalistic guides Manuela Conte and Monica Dandrea. Prices: to be decided.

Cortina Special Deals:
EXPO 2015 Feeding the Planet – 3 nights – 2 persons               
from € 240,00, hotel 3* BB  
EXPO 2015 Feeding the Planet – 6 nights – 2 persons
from € 546,00, hotel 3* BB  
From May the 1st to October the 30th
  • loc. Larieto, Strada per Passo Tre Croci
    Cortina d'Ampezzo (BL)


Cortina Turismo is the Destination Management Organization, the tourist office that deals with the tourism promotion of Cortina in Italy and abroad.
Via Marconi 15/b
32043 - Cortina d'Ampezzo (BL)
+39 0436 866252 www.cortina.dolomiti.org
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