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There are experiences that just can’t be explained, they must be tasted on the palate. 
For example… Have you ever tasted raw fish together with only one ingredient, olive oil from Marostica that we produce ourselves? And our organic bread, baked only in a wood-burning oven? And, have you curbed your passion for local fresh-caught fish and not farm-raised, or for “poor” fish and not fish whose sustainability is at risk?   Try asking yourself: like us, do you enjoy a variety of especially particular desserts? Are you fascinated at the thought of a wine list composed of more than 300 mainly natural or bio-dynamic wines? And then there’s the taste that is part of the context, but has nothing to do with the palate: for example, do you prefer a service that is attentive, but not too structured?  
We look forward to hosting you and indulge your tastes.

  • Priser: 40€ - 50€
  • Egenskaper: Bekräfta bokning, Take away, Större grupper, Traditionell mat
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