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INTERNATIONAL MEETING OF CUSTOZA Walking event in the wonderful hills of Custoza among vineyards and sites of historical interest.
It includes two initiatives: the 39th Marciarena of 6, 11, 17 and 20,5 km and the 9th race “Champions of Tomorrow” reserved to children from 0 up to 12 years.
Important running event that takes place every second Sunday of May and it is organized by the local running tema “Agriform Sommacampagna”
The International Meeting of Custoza is an important initiative for the promotion of the territory; it is a successful event, sponsored by the Veneto Region, the Province of Verona, the Italian Pavilion of Expo 2015, as well as by the City of Sommacampagna and it includes also the involvement of association and local groups.
The “Marciarena" consists of a non-competitive race with four circuits (6,11,17 and 20.5 km), starting and finishing in Villa Venier. The undulating circuit, mainly on panoramic dirt road, goes through the vineyards of Custoza and the theater areas of the war for the independence of Italy. Positive difference in altitude of 230 metres.

The race “I Campioni del Domani" (champions of tomorrow) is reserved to children from 0 up to 12 years and takes place in the park of Villa Venier, venue of the event.
Goals of that event are the development of a clear identity of the area (hills, landscapes, historical routes, natural trails), the promotion of the territory and its resources, the promotion of walking and running in harmony with nature, the reinforcement of the relationship among institutions, the improvement of the touristic offer during the low-season.

When: Sunday, 10th May 2015

Villa Venier - Sommacampagna (VR)

From 8:30 to 9:00
4 hours

1 along the way and one on 6 Km arrival
3 along the way and one on 11Km arrival
3 along the way and one on 17 Km and 20,5 Km arrival

All the groups with at least 10 components will receive local foodstuffs.
21st Cup Comune di Sommacampagna will be given to the largest group.
To all registered members (paying full price) will be given 1 bottle of wine “Custoza”.

full price € 2.50
reduced price € 1.00
For non-members FIASP-UMV-CSI: + € 0.50 per day membership with accident insurance

Registration for groups will close on Saturday, 9th May, at 10.00 pm.
Registration for singles will close on Sunday, 10th May, at 9.00 am.

a) until Friday, 8th May by calling the +39 045 89 60 599 from 13.00 pm to 14:00pm and from 19:00 to 21:00.
b) Saturday, 9th May directly to Promosport Sommacampagna or calling the number +39 045 51 00 68 (Promosport).
  • Via Bassa, 14
    Sommacampagna (VR)


The City of sommacampagna is located in a privileged area, on the moraine hills between Lake Garda and Verona. For some years, in addition to its own institutional purposes, the city has actively pursues the aim of promoting the tourism in its area, through partnership Terre Custoza, of which it is the leader.
Company Contacts
+390458971356 www.comune.sommacampagna.vr.it
Further information
The common seat is located on the foothills of the morainic hills surrounding Lake Garda, which is a few tens of kilometers. The formation of the land dates back to the last great glacial expansion with which begins the era Quaternary. Near Sommacampagna were found in loc. Palu relics of the Stone Age and the support poles of some stilts. There are also numerous Roman remains (the village was named Summa Campanea) the most important are still observable at the ancient church of Sant'Andrea al Cemetery and St. Peter, places where pagan temples stood. In the Middle Ages the old town stood near the church of Sant'Andrea and subsequently developed in the direction of Verona, up to the hill where now stands the church of San Rocco and its bell tower.
Many historical events occurred throughout the municipality. Surely the most significant and remembered are the two Risorgimento battles fought respectively in the first (1848) and third (1866) war for the independence of Italy, on the moraine hills of Custoza.
Since the Second World War Sommacampagna has experienced a strong industrial development that has profoundly changed the identity, went from the traditional one based on an agricultural economy, to that - precisely - Industrial. In this transformation is achieved the strong building development of the country, but also industrial civil consequence of the increase in population due to immigration workers that characterized the 60s and 70s, development that has significantly changed the structure of the country from the point of urban planning. In particular, the town has gradually "slipped" from the top of the hills, where it was historically concentrated, to the plains to the east, near the ZAI and communication routes (primarily, the exit of the A4), where fortunes are densely populated neighborhoods.
The territory is rich in historical sites, Venetian villas, short visit, but also nature trails and cycling routes that allow you to spend relaxing days in nature.
In this beautiful hilly naturalistic tradition agriculture-wine marries hospitality purposes of numerous accommodations surrounded by greenery. The area offers countless opportunities for lovers of tourism "slow".
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