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XIII FESTIVAL BIGUL TO TORC We give the opportunity to visitors to live a deep and tipical italian experience, meeting local people and eating traditional food.
Big party to the rediscovery of ancient flavours through local products. The bigoi al torc, ancient pasta shape and typical of the Veneto, rough and wrinkled along with other traditional dishes can be tasted at the food stand. In addition to local foods, there are also a pizzeria and a pub. Evenings with themed menus, contests (The gold sfoglina ), shows and exhibitions will delight visitors. In the performance area, every night  music with cover bands and dancing shows.
The landscape of the coastal town of Canaro overlooking the Po, with its wealth of history and traditions, will host the party.
Not far from Canaro, you can visit Ferrara, Unesco Heritage, Rovigo e Adria, Veneto river delta parc, Bologna, Venezia, Verona.

Every evening from 19.00.
For information and contact
http: //www.rovigofeste.it/festa/888/x-festival-del-bigul-al-torc-3.html
  • Piazza Bersaglieri d'Italia
    Canaro (RO)


Fancy grafica with Rovigo feste disclose events related to popular entertainment in Polesine and  Veneto territory, to make known the cultural and gastronomic peculiarity. Behind many festivals there is the best gastronomic tradition and Rovigo feste works to highlight a broad " Gastronomic Culture". Through the promotion of local festivals it shows the close relationship between Environment, Land and Tradition through the presentation of typical local dishes: food as a social cohesiveness!
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 Fancy grafica deals from 20 years of graphic design, printing, setting up exhibitions, organizing events and web. We constantly work with businesses and governments supporting the management of meetings, press conferences, workshops, production of communication materials.
We follow some territories in managing relations with the press. Added value from the experience, a large capacity and responsiveness in problem solving. Four years ago we created the portal www.rovigofeste.it with the aim of creating a single instrument, organic and comprehensive dissemination of the cultural and gastronomic richness  of the province and we have partnered with the Pro Loco, with territorial aniumation associations, with Slow Food  and with the association guides of the province of Rovigo and the patronage of the Province of Rovigo. We created the site because we think that, behind many festivals, people can find the best gastronomic tradition. www.rovigofeste.it allowed users to have a unique and precise reference and to the organizers to consider themeselves as a network, elements of a larger system called Polesine Culture Food . The portal has excellent results as numbers of accesses newspapers and subscribers to the newsletter, years later we saw an exponential increase in data supplied to us by the organizers themselves, in a bottom-up participation that highlights a new perception of their role as custodians of tradition and promotion of local excellence.
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