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ORGANİC WİNES İN THE OLD CELLAR OF 1427, VİSİTİNG THE CASTLE AND İTS PARK Our wines are intact as nature makes them, in keeping with the typical grape.
Giol respects man, earth, water, air, biodiversity and typicality.
Highest quality grapes and wines with respect for the environment.
This ancient winery of extraordinary emotional impact, is not affected by a complex time that impresses and surprises with a frame of wisteria and linden trees bordered by a stream of spring water.
The Castle Papadopoli Giol is an ancient mansion steeped in tradition, culture of art and wine with respect for the earth. We will accompany you in the natural park of 13 hectares, in a charming oasis of flora and fauna.

The timetable for the visits are Saturday morning from 09.00 to 12.00, reservation is required.
A visit to the cellars is open to all, while visiting the castle and its park is reserved for groups of at least 4 people.
  • viale della Repubblica 1/6
    San Polo di Piave (TV)


Ancient wineries in Italy since 1427
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Viale della Repubblica 1/6
31020 - San Polo di Piave (TV)
+39 0422 855032
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The history of the Ancient Cellars began in 1427 when the Venetian Republic after conquering the mainland rewarded for its enormous merits of the war, the Captain General Nicolò da Tolentino Mauruzzi with the entire fief of San Polo.
Since then, the families Gabriel, Papadopoli and  finally Giol have crossed the centuries, the wars of independence, the First and Second World Wars and handed down to us incredible events, memories, traditions and passions.
The Ancient Cellars is the laboratory where we create our wine collection from organic farming and with the same passion  we protect these places.
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