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A PLEASANT ENCOUNTER BETWEEN NATURE, HİSTORY AND TRADİTİON Villa Widmann Borletti opens its doors to Expo 2015 Veneto with guided tours by appointment to the Historical Cellars and the Gardens of Villa Widmann, and offers the incredible opportunity to taste and purchase the products of excellence of Dominio di Bagnoli.
Visitors will be guided by our staff through the Gardens of Villa Widmann-Borletti, a perfect Italian garden adorned with a rich collection of citrus groves and luxuriant hedges of hornbeam. Of great interest are the historic granaries of the XVII century: two of the largest and best preserved barns in the Country, now used as conference rooms and prestigious location for events. The biggest barn is highly impressive due to its truss: a genuine architectural masterpiece.
At the end of the visit, the Dominio will open the doors of the historical cellar built by Benedictine monks in the XVI century, where visitors will taste the Dominio wines and products for a final toast.

· visit of the Gardens of Villa Widmann-Borletti;
· Visit of the historical Granaries;
· Visit of the Historical Cellar;
· Visit duration: about 1 hour;
· Guide in Italian or English;
· At the end of the visit: toast with the Dominio wines;
· opportunity to purchase wines and products at the Dominio store.
- Full visit of the Dominio estate + tasting of 2 wines: € 8
- Full visit of the Dominio estate + tasting of 4 wines: € 10
- Full visit of the Dominio estate + regional appetizers + tasting of 3 wines: € 12
- Full visit of the Dominio estate + regional appetizers + tasting of 6 wines: € 16
The hours for tasting / tours are: Thursday afternoon from 15.00 to 18.30
                                                     Saturday morning from 09.00 to 12.30
  • Piazza Marconi, 63
    Bagnol di Sopra (PD)


Dominio di Bagnoli is the point of contact between agriculture, respect for nature, culture and tradition.
The estate of Dominio di Bagnoli covers more than 600 ha of land planted with crops, vineyards and woods: the Dominio wines are the highest expression of its agricultural production which includes cattle rearing and production of rice, honey, vinegar and flour.
Stock breeding, farming, green energy (biogas), winemaking, events and hosting are the core businesses in which the Dominio is active.
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Piazza Marconi, 63
35023 - Bagnoli di Sopra (PD)
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Upon commission by Ludovico Widmann, Villa Widmann-Borletti was built in 1656 by architect Baldassarre Longhena, on the site of a large Benedictine monastery dating back from the year 1000. The sumptuous and elegant residence of the Venetian Count Widmann soon became a holiday resort for nobles and artists. Among the most illustrious guests was Carlo Goldoni, who wrote and represented in the theater of the villa some of his famous comedies, playing himself among the actors from time to time.
Of great beauty and historical interest is the garden adorned with 160 sculptures, among which you can admire statues representing Greek gods and zodiac signs. The most notable statues representing the characters of the Commedia dell'Arte carved by Antonio Bonazza (1742), are lodged into a Teatro di Verzure (verdure theatre) and represent the moment of greatest decorative expression of the scupltor. Nowadays these stone characters are revived with an impressive show of son et lumière (by reservation).
No to be missed is a visit to the ancient historical cellars.
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