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VİLLA VALMARANA Aİ NANİ: THE WONDERFUL FRESCOES OF TİEPOLO İLLUSTRATED BY THE FAMİLY Each Sunday morning at 11 multilingual guided visit, held by the family Valmarana + a glass of wine at the bar of Villa Valmarana ai Nani’s terrace.
Villa Valmarana ai Nani: the only place in the world where you cad admire at the same time the frescoes  og Giambattista and Giandomenico Tiepolo.
Villa Valmarana ai nani for leisure & corporate moments:
Villa Valmarana ai nani is open all the year long for:
› visits (25.000 visitors a year)
› cultural events (concerts, theatre performances, book presentations, conferences, etc)
- lunches and gala dinners for corporate and individuals.
› weddings
› meetings and  conventions
› photo & video shooting, 
› cooking and painting classes 

Technical features:
Palazzina (Owner's residence):
The main room, “The Sacrifice of Ifigenia”, can host 80 people for a conference and 40 for an exclusive dinner; the adjacent rooms can fit other 60 people, for a total of 100 people sitting on a table.

Foresteria (Guest-House):
Six rooms for a total of 250 sq mt and 200 persons sitting on a table. The main room can host a conference of about 180 people and 120 guests for a dinner. In the next rooms 80 additional people can fit.

Both buildings  are heated, equipped with Wifi, video projector, screen, microphones.

Tel. +39 0444 321803

Multilingual guided visit of Palazzina (Owner's residence) and Foresteria (Guest-House) each Sunday morning + a tasting of a glass of wine: 15,50 €

Individual Ticket: € 10,00
Groups (min. 15 people): € 7,00
School classes: € 5,00 per pupil (1 teacher for every 15 pupils, free)
University Students & Youngs (12-18 years): € 7,00
FAMILY PACK 1 (two parents + child 12-18 years): € 25,00
FAMILY PACK 2 (two parents + 2 children 12-18 years): € 28,00
Free access to children under 12

OPENING TIMES OF THE VILLA (from March, 14th, 2015)
Tuesday – Friday: from 10 to 12,30 and from 3 to 6
Saturday – Sunday: from 10 to 6
Closed on Monday
  • Via dei Nani, 2
    Vicenza (VI)


The extraordinary paintings of Giambattista and Giandomenico Tiepolo for unforgettable visits and events.
- One of the most famous 17th century Italian Villas with two main buildings: ‘Palazzina’ and ‘Foresteria’ –  within a historical park.
- A total of 11 magic rooms, frescoed in 1757 by Giambattista Tiepolo at the highlight of his carreer  and by his son Giandomenico.  
- The only place in the world where  you can  host your events under the frescoed rooms of both father and son.
Şirketlerle İletişim
Via dei Nani, 8
36100 - Vicenza (VI)
+39 0444321803
Daha fazla Bilgi
Villa Valmarana ai Nani is a marvellous architectural and artistic site composed by three buildings and a wide 18th century park.

The three buildings, the Palazzina (Owners’ Residence) (1669), the Foresteria (Guest-House) and the Scuderia (Stables) (1720) are surrounded by green areas designed to respond to the different esthetical tastes and functional needs: ranging from the “giardino all’italiana” with the pigeon-house and the well, to the walk under the hornbeams, to the Pagoda in the woods.

The Palazzina and the Foresteria have frescoes by Giambattista and Giandomenico Tiepolo, hired in 1757 by Giustino Valmarana. The Villa takes its name from the statues of the 17 stone dwarfs, originally placed in the garden, now on the walls surrounding the house. Among them, we find a number of characters from the “Teatro dei burattini” and from the “Commedia dell’arte” (the King, the Soldier, the Doctor, the Turk, the Guardian of the Seraglio, etc.). The dwarfs were probably sculpted by Francesco Uliaco, most likely from the drawings by Giandomenico Tiepolo.

The Valmarana family still lives in the Villa, which is universally considered the highest expression of the painting of the eighteenth century and one of the highest examples of the Tiepolo’s genius.
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