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QUARTER HORSE - HORSES FOR EVERYBODY Guided tours of the farm. Visitors will be followed by specialized staff and will learn about farming method, taming and training, family lines, documents about this fantastic breed of horse. Stable Elloc SS opens its doors to every lover of these wonderful animals: HORSES!

We breed and train the Quarter Horse (a particular race of horse), because we think it is the most adaptable and versatile race. 

During the events you'll find high-qualified staff who will show you the history, the farming methods and the origins of this beautiful animal. 

The Quarter Horse is so called because it is the fastest horse on the 400 meters (quarter of a mile).

Our Scuderia Elloc was qualified for the 2013 Oklahoma city AQHA World Championship and won several Italian and European titles, thanks to our in-depth knowledge about these animals and their methods of training.

Our goal is to collaborate with breeders from all over the world, to show people the many qualities of the Quarter Horse.

For info about dates and times for the visit, please send an e-mail to, specifying the number of participants and their name.
  • Via Botte, 9
    Mira (VE)


Scuderia Elloc Ss
Horse farm that has to his credit numerous titles in Italian and European level, and qualification, by score, AQHA World Cup held in Oklahoma City in 2013.
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via Botte, 9
30034 - Mira (VE)
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We are a Breeding Horses Quarter Horse, the ideal place to come into contact with this breed extraordinarily versatile. Scuderia Elloc is "home" for all those who want to explore the wonderful world of horses, or for those who are already experienced, searching for a life partner, bred and trained by a prestigious company.

Inside the building there is a rod, two fields: one indoor and one outdoor.
Also boxes, paddocks, a modern breeding and sports association that is responsible for disseminating the culture of horsemanship.
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