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PASTRY MAKİNG CLASSES İN VENİCE To discover the sweetest side of Venetian cuisine, take an exclusive pastry making course in the evocative Murano! The course is held by a professional chef, who will introduce you to the secrets of the typical sweet dishes of Venice. To take the flavours of Venice with you in your own kitchen! Discover the sweetest side of Venice! The ‘Pastry Making Classes in Venice’ by will introduce you to the flavours of Venetian pastry making. Thanks to this tour, food, the central theme of Expo 2015 Milano, will accompany you also during your visit to Venezia.

The ‘Pastry Making Classes in Venice’ take place in Murano at the Enoteca Acuqastanca, a typical restaurant with a cuisine that combines tradition with modernity. During your pastry making class you will learn the basic rules for the preparation of traditional cakes and pastries of Veneto region and you will learn to make sweet dishes, to surprise you and surprise your friends also once at home.
The pastry making lesson is held by the chef of Enoteca Acquastanca, who will share with you his experience and will lead you during the different necessary steps in the preparation of your sweet dishes. You will create with your own hands some specialities of Veneto’s tradition, such as tiramisu, blackberry tart, chocolate cake, and the typical Venetian biscuits bussolà, with a careful attention also to the final presentation of the dishes.
Finally, at the end of the course you will enjoy a little tasting of sweet dishes and you will receive as a souvenir an apron and the card recipes of the dishes prepared in the class. To take a little of Venice with you, also in your own kitchen!

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