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WONDERFUL “REDENTORE FESTİVAL”, VENETİANS’ PARTY! Is the real Venice New Years’s Eve, Is Venetians party..
Is an appointment, is THE party, is always, is the tradition
Is the most famous events of Venice
Is the awesome lagoon, is the shining sky, is the St Mark’s BasinCome with us to enjoy it by the Water!
This year you will be there!
If you don’ t go is because you have never been there
if you have been there, every year you really desire to go again and don’ t miss this magic experience!
The Venice Redentore Festival is one of the most famous events of the lagoon city, highly valued by its inhabitants and eagerly awaited by tourists who flock to watch the magnificent Venice fireworks.


The Redentore Venice celebration dates back to 1577 and is celebrated every year on the third weekend of July, in two days that combine a fascinating spectacle and tradition. 

Celebrations are in all Venice with many events and party.

The date of the Venice Redentore Church Festival varies each year but the charm of the event remains the same.Every year it also attracts thousands of tourists curious to experience first hand one of the oldest festivals in Venice and to watch a fireworks display that is famous all over the world.

 Everything starts in the Redentore night in Venice that is the most awaited moment of the Venice celebrations festival, with St Mark’s Basin in the background, the light effects and reflections on the water create an amazing setting!

 At sunset thousands of boats lit and decorated with many colourful balloons take place in St. Mark's Basin and the Giudecca Canal. The Venice Redentore night program remains the same year after year: Venetians dine together and enjoy the local specialties - pasta and beans, sardines in sauce and plenty of wine - accompanied by music and dancing to get to the highlight of the festival, the amazing Venice fireworks of the Redentore (45 minutes uninterrupted).The Venice fireworks of the Redentore offer a brilliant and unbelievable show, creating an atmosphere of many colours making the city even more magical. The start time is around 11.30 pm and ends after midnight.

At the end of the fireworks show, the Redentore Regatta continues by boat along the Grand Canal or the Venice Lido to watch the sunrise from the beach.


This year in occasion of Expo 2015 the Event of Redentore will be even more spectacular! Wonderful menu on board of our beautiful boats will be composed of traditional Venetian’ s dishes created by the best Chef of the region, and the boats’ show will leave you breathless. With the magic Venice lagoon around you, St. Mark square and Palazzo Ducale you will live the biggest experience of your life, that only Venice with its Redentore can give you!

On board of beautiful and modern boats and motorboats with duble bridge, panoramic terrace and toilet.

Waiting for the wonderful fireworks you will enjoy awesome traditional Venetian food, and dancing all together.. but remember… during the fireworks absolute silencie!

Are available Individual programs or exclusive Events for Company or big groups.


The Redentore celebration is linked to a very ancient tradition, linked to the end of a terrible plague that decimated the inhabitants of Venice.

The terrible scourge that was decimating Venice was defeated thanks to the public devotions of the survivors and especially the solemn vow of Doge Alvise Mocenigo, who vowed to erect a magnificent temple had the Republic of Venice survived the annihilation. After the plague, the vote in the name of Venice was dissolved by the Doge Sebastiano Venier, who held a competition for the construction of the magnificent Redentore church which was won by the architect Andrea Palladio.





•    BOARDING: On motorship in Venice Fusina at 6.30pm 

•    DEPARTURE: at 7pm.

•    ITINERARY: We are going to sail in the Venetian Lagoon and we are going to stop in the St. Mark Basin,where, dining cheered by the music, we are going to wait the magic moment of the Redentore’s fireworks at midnight.


•    RETURN:expected no later than 2:30am with entertainment 

•   MOTORSHIP: with panoramic terrace,windowed lounge with tables,  toilet and bar service 
Are available Individual programs or exclusive Events with personalized menu for Company or big groups.

Pick up avaible
  • bacino san marco
    Venice (VE)


Punta dell’ Est Viaggi T.O is specialized in organizing events. .During the Expo2015 we offer you boat tour, in Venice and in Venetian villas, tours classic, unusual,enogastronimic (food and wine), tour to explore the artistic,cultural, enogastronimic and manufacturing Venetian’s excellence. We provide transfer, guides, location, catering.
Entrusted to a group of Venetians professionals that will make your event or trip, in occasion of Expo2015, easy unique and unforgettable! 

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Via battisti 9/2
30035 - Mirano (VE)
+39 3484300324
Daha fazla Bilgi
A River of Emotions - The  Brenta 's River
The visitor will be romantically carried away by a landscape of enchanting poetry, he will soon experience the beauty of the villas and the vegetation mirrored in the River’s waters, the play of the light and its shading, the old swinging bridges and the dams.
Live the unique, unforgettable experience visiting the Venetian Villas through the River, discover Venice and its Lagoon!
The Riviera del Brenta "is the main character of the lands between Padua and Venice. The river, with its slow  flowing seems to invite you on a boat tour at the discovery of the same beauties that had once enchanted artists like Goldoni and  Casanova, Byron, Goethe or D'Annunzio.
Tens of Villas are the backdrop to this landscape. They had been commissioned to the most illustrious Italian art masters by the Venetian Aristocracy, which used them as their summer mansions for grand banquets, boat parades along the River, magnificent parties.
Venetian nobles used to navigate the river on boats known as Burchielli, which were drawn by men, oxen or horses from the river banks, while goods were transported on boats called Burci.
Mindful of the magnificence of that time, the Riviera del Brenta remains a versatile land, offering many attractions.
Venetian villas and enchanting gardens, hotels located in noble mansions, restaurants to appreciate an antique gastronomic tradition, cruises along the River to Venice and Padua,  natural itineraries by bike,  footwear laboratories, shops and outlets producing and selling the most beautiful shoes worldwide!!
Exclusive locations (Canal Grande Palaces, Vessels, Barchesse, Venetian Villas and Medieval Castles)
Our Service
   •    Accommodation and lodging (Venice Palaces, Venetian Villas, Wellness and Spa Hostels, Castles, Boutique Hotel, Charm Hotels, Luxury Hotels, Apartments)
    •    Catering & Banqueting Selection in Venice and its coast
    •    Event Planner in Venice, Padua, Treviso y Vicenza
    •    Cocktails Parties Boat Dinners in Venice
    •    Personalised Venues in Venice’s Casino 
    •    Venetian Villas Venues
    •    Themed and costume soirées, Venetians Costumes rentals
    •    Venetian Carnival Masked balls
    •    Gala Dinners, Home delivered Dinners, Boat Dinners
    •    Great Wines Tasting
    •    Wine and Food Itineraries
    •    Cruises and transfers in Venice (water taxi, rental with driver, gondolas and helicopter panoramic)
 •    Excursions, incentives and personalised leisure services in Venice and all Veneto Area
    ◦    Outlet Shopping for shoes and leatherwear
    ◦    Verona, Padua, Vicenza, Treviso itineraries
    ◦    In Burchiello between the Venetian Villas
    ◦    Little cities of Art in the Veneto: Bassano Asolo Castelfranco Marostica 
    ◦    Cooking courses in Venice and Venetian Villas
    ◦    Euganee Thermes ..Spa and wellness and thermal water benefits
    ◦    Po’s Delta 
    ◦    Theatres and concerts: Fenice, Verona’s Arena
    •    Limousine rental/ Vintage cars/ Helicopters/ Boats for 10 to 250 people, yachts and catamarans
    •    Companions/ Touristic Guides/ Hostesses/ Models/ Interpreters in English, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, German, Spanish and French
    •    Security service
    •    Communications, press office
    •    Required spaces management and logistics coordination
    •    Guests/ Media/ Staff/ Structure logistics planning
    •    Technical support material, audio video, sound system, lighting, box seats
    •    Live Music -  Dj – Entertainment shows Photography and Video
    •    Lightings
    •    Personal coordinator that not only will organise the event party but also will be with you the event day
    •    Guests logistics planning
    •    Live Music – Dj
Expo Veneto Takvimi

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