REGATTA OF MURANO Come and get to know the island of Murano with its traditions , the famous lace makers and Rowing Champions.
A unique experience where you can discover the territory of the lagoon , a chance to see the glass blowers and to see the race  from close u
What is a regatta ?
The term originally Venetian indicates exclusively the competition between typical Venetian boats.
The word regatta originates form the word ‘rigata’ which means lining up in departure.
These ‘regatte’ happen regularly in the Venetian lagoon involving the historical centre and its islands.
Every island is recognised by its regatta. Initially via the art of the rower you gave honour to your territory. Now  via the champions of the regattas the culture, art, and history are recognised in the island where they have come from.
 The regattas are held using typical Venetian boats that have their own history for example. The gondola the queen of the boats in Venice and protagonists of the regatta  and with the champions on board they relive the story of Venice.
You will assist therefore with us the regatta of Murano, a typical island where glass is made ( with the possibility to have a demonstration at the Vivarini Furnace so see how this famous art is carried out.
The race hours are as follows :
17.00 The young rowers in the pupparini boats with 1 oar
17.45 The women’s race in pupparini boats with 1 oar
18.30 The champions in gondola with 1 oar.
With the regatta you can become part of a unique  one of its kind discovering in this way the various treasures of the History of Venice and its origins to today. This island is part of an unique territory  famous for the hand made lace that is known all over the world.

 Meet at 10:00 at the Cavanna Tintoretto ( Cannaregio 3334) near to the church of Madonna del Orto.
Coffee break
A chance to try Venetian Rowing in the canals and smaller canals with the Champion rower Gloria Rogliani.
Optional lunch provided by our catering
Departure for Murano  with a motor boat
A chance to visit the island and purchase from the Vivarini factory..
Watch the regatta
Return expected approximately 19.00

The itinerary can be modified.

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The Polisportiva Venexiana was created as a necessity to transmit the tradition of  Venetian rowing, the history of Venice and its lagoon for the future generations.

Through the experience of a champion rower Gloria Rogliani , president of the Polisportiva Venexiana she transmits the knowledge of the territory so deeply rooted in Venetian rowing to encourage the  value of  its history , culture and environmental protection and  to maintain the tradition of the  lagoon ecosystem .

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Understanding Venice from the water helps you to   become protagonists in the current time  reinventing the ancient gesture of rowing technique .

The Venetian rowing has antique origins linked to folk festivals since the thirteenth century and has always involved citizens of Venice  and strangers .

In ancient waterways were essential for the residents but also a challenge between boatmen and gondoliers reaching the  maximum with the most significant event in the city  : The Historical Regatta

Through the attachment  of Venice to the Kingdom of Italy , the races became the celebration of the glorious past of the Venetian Republic .

In 1899, with a proposal from the mayor of Venice , Count Filippo Grimani  the regatta added  the ‘history’ – Storica. .  Up until now l the rowing season involves all the islands and each island has its own race ( regatta)  and its champion .

Each event has its own Venetian water parade since the year one thousand .

The lagoon area features  treasures of inestimable historical value , islands that have  disappeared once a testimony of history and culture , this side Venice is often unknown to both the resident of the city  and tourists .

The Polisportiva  Venexiana with a champion rower at the helm  , wants to make  this territory known by  :

 Using the technique of Venetian rowing to pass on the tradition of conservation and the lagoon ecosystem ;

• promote starting from ancient gestures of Venetian rowing ,ecological tourism to help environmental protection and the ‘civitas’ Venetian ;

• to understand the beauty and exclusivity of Venice and its lagoon islands observing this through culture and traditional  oar movements that areuniquely Venetian .

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