PROTECT THE PLANET WITH ORGANIC AGRICOLTURE In a full harmony with Expo 2015, Corvezzo Family offer a journey to discover the organic agricolture, between old traditions and modern technologies.
In the middle of the trevigian country, that it has always been a precious and rich land, rise Corvezzo Winery, surrounded by 160 hectares cultivated only with an organic system.
The seat of Cessalto (TV), represent a foundamental stop talking about the "Strada dei Vini del Piave", a fascinating path that, through the discovery of places and tastes, aims to value an unique and enchanting land.
There is also a big didactic area between past and present: it all begins in the old "Casone", accurate reproduction of the typical rural houses, that through the forniture and the etnographic exhibit, allows to revive the centennial local tradition; current company philosophy is symbolized by the modern "Casone", an environmentally friendly structure where in the first floor you can find an interactive wall for the olfactory identification of the different types of wine, for example Pinot Grigio and Prosecco DOC Treviso.
The tour ends at the wine bar into the winery, where you can taste elegant white wines and precious red wines.
The tasting take place with also other typical products of the country, also for the full menù or an overnight is available the near family agritourism Le Vigne Morosina, to transmit you a really emotional and unique experience.
Close to the winery is it possible to reach historic cities like Venice, Treviso, Motta di Livenza, Orderzo, Jesolo, Caorle and Bibione, to discover the historical and art-like traditions of Veneto Region.

Opening hours: 8.00-12.30/14.00-18.00
Phone number: +39 0421327203
Contact person: Veronica Rocco
Cost of the visit: 12 Euro per person. If groups, there can be some reduction to agree with the secretaryship at
  • VIA PALU' 17


Since 1960, with its 160 hectars, Corvezzo Family is in the front line for the safeguard of the environment: the photovoltaic and biomass power meet the entire energy needs of the company, organic certification allows us to export worldwide our Organic Prosecco, awaiting for the imminent certification also for the other wines.
These are the values that also our foreign partners share with us and they also allow us to promote our products aborad.
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31040 - CESSALTO (TV)
+39 0421327203
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The winemaking tradition of Cessalto is always linked to the history of Corvezzo Family. In 1960, Giovanni Corvezzo founded the first winery to its current location, with the help of his wife Maria. With the entrance of the grandchildren Giuseppe and Renzo coincides the purchasing of new lands, thus arriving to cultivate an area of 160 hectares. In the 90s the growth is due to the expert skills of Renzo Corvezzo and his wife Miriam. Now the company is run by his son Giovanni Corvezzo and his daugther Katia Corvezzo.
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