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The traditional festival of Oppeano with lots of music and fun!

It begins on Thursday June 18 at 20 with the opening of food stands offering traditional dishes that you can also find in stad Expo 2015 dedicated to the Po the Veronese, and the evening Dance & Fitness Club with Le Fontanelle creates. Followed at 20.30 Zumba Fitness for all with Stefano Nalin and his Crew. A follow dance lesson Hiop Hop Pole Dance and to raise awareness of these discilpine to all present.
Friday, June 19 at 21:30 Best Music Band Live with Larry and Saturday, June 20 at 21 continues with the evening dance with the orchestra Alida Ferrarese. Sunday, June 21 at 21 dancing night with the orchestra Marilisa Maniero and Marco Negri.
The next day, Monday 22 giguno, at 21 seratav dance with the orchestra and magnificent Micaela and at 23.30 great carouse and cutting big cake. A cgiudere the Feast of St. John the Baptist and Youth of Oppeano, Tuesday, June 23 at 21 the evening dance with the orchestra show Rossella Ferrari and Casanova.
During all the evenings fishing charities and food stands.


In Piazza Domenico Marcolongo, near the post office, there is a huge public parking. Visitors to the festival can leave there their vehicle and walk to the sports facilities Le Fratte . In the vicinity there is a house of water that delivers a liter of natural 0.50 euro. Water is an important element and this will also be present at the Universal Exhibition in 2015.
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Oppeano is a small city in the territory of Verona; there are about 9.000 people living here.
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Oppeano with Gazzo Veronese represent between X and the fourth century BC the epicenters of a system of settlements that can control the entire territory of the plain: from the left bank of the Adige to the Mincio . They were real outposts south - western world of the ancient Veneti in Este and Padua who had their capitals . The hump on which it stands the ancient town of Oppeano is positioned almost at the height of the Veronese plain average limited to the north by the end of the high plain and the river Adige , to the south by the end of the low plains , to the east by the province of Vicenza west wing by moraine and the province of Mantova .
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