THE HISTORY OF HUMAN GENIUS AND THE GREAT INVENTIONS THAT HAVE CHANGED OUR LIVES. A curious, dynamic and ardent “review” of means of transport history over the last two centuries and the economic and social changes linked to them. The indisputable main character of this historical journey is the car: the cultural, artistic and social manifesto of our times!
Recovery and recycling is synonymous of nourishing because nature feeds on “recycling” itself and its resources. And culture, which has always been the principle creator of mankind's success, is nourishment for the mind and soul.
The Nicolis Museum in Villafranca answers every question and satisfies every expectation and requirement regarding the history of society over the last two centuries offering new and unrepeatable sensations that feed, in the highest sense of the word, the thirst for knowledge and the search for emotion.  
A patrimony of culture for future generations that has been preserved, safeguarded, cherished and handed down in the most current and dynamic interpretation of “Heritage”. An interpretation of the values and cultural heritage that narrate - also through objects - the history of people, work, relations, meeting places. In short, of the society that past generations created for those of the future.  
The Nicolis family have been entrepreneurs in the recovery of raw and secondary materials for 70 years, and Lamacart, the family's company in Verona, is the industry leader in the recovery and processing of waste paper. Concepts like “collection” and “re-use”, which have guided the growth of the paper industry, are the same as those that nurtured Luciano Nicolis' passion for collecting, allowing him to see "gems" where others only saw scrap and helping him in his tireless search all over the world to uncover, recover and restore vintage cars and give them back their original splendour.
But safeguarding and re-using resources also means maintaining the collective memory of technology and man's great creations, such as the car, the indisputable star player in twentieth century society and culture.
A guided tour aims at reconstructing the history of an era through customs and usages, legends and symbols, and allows visitors to personally understand how inventions have modified man's lifestyle. Cars have changed, and continue to change, our lives: embracing this extraordinary process through the vintage collections at the Nicolis Museum is a vital and unforgettable experience.
This “walk through the twentieth century” is set to amaze, move and entertain the visitor by offering a new and different look at the history of motoring.   
Vintage cars and motorcycles – over one hundred and all in perfect working order - are the lion's share and attract visitors from all over the world.
Among the many treasures to admire, one only has to think of the “Motrice Pia”, the first petrol combustion engine patented by the Veronese engineer, Enrico Bernardi in 1882, the 1929 Isotta Fraschini (Sunset Boulevard, Tsar Alexander, Rudolph Valentino, Isadora Duncan…), the Lancia Astura 1000 Miglia build purposefully for Luigi Villoresi, the 1931 Bugatti, the last car to be designed by ingenious Ettore Bugatti, the 1955 Ford Thunderbird. For motorcycle enthusiasts, there is the Bianchi Tonale 175 cc or the Norton Manx 500 Corsa Corta. But the more curious exhibits include the very first velocipedes, like the 1913 tricycle and the 1919 Skootamota, a true forerunner of today's scooter. And as if cars, motorcycles and bicycles were not enough, the four floors of this modern box of surprises also contain over one  hundred cameras and typewriters (did you know that some cameras from the last century already had 3D viewers and that the legendary @ symbol in our emails was already on some typewriter keys at the end of the nineteenth century?). Lastly, for music lovers, there is also an incredible collection of vintage musical instruments and, for the joy of our female visitors, a large number of "vintage" clothes that tell the story of fashion in days gone by. A library, historical archives, a congress centre and the most well-stocked bookshop specialising in motoring in North East Italy, complete the offer of this unique, unusual and exciting top location in the Veneto Region.

Guided Tours upon Request
Minimum Group size: 35 persons
Thursday 10.00 to 16.00
Prices (reserved for the event)
Full:                                                                                       euro 10.00 per person
Reduced:                                                                                euro 8.00 per person
Reduced tickets are available for:
Children up to 16 years old
Adults over 60 years old
Company vouchers 
Free Entrance
Kids 0-12, accompanied by an adult.
Disabled and invalids who are legally recognised, with certificates, plus their companion
Guided Tour for between 35 and 50 people:                               euro 80.00
Phone +39 45 6303289 or send an e-mail tourism@museonicolis.com; info@museonicolis.com
Museo Nicolis is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10,00 to 18,00.
Closed on 1 January, Easter, 24/25/31 Dicember
The Museum is easily accessible to all, on request the reception staff will accompany anyone who needs assistance to the floors.
Museo Nicolis
Via Postumia 37069 Villafranca di Verona - Italy 
tel +39 045 6303289 / 6304959 fax +39 045 7979493
website www.museonicolis.com 

The Nicolis Museum in Villafranca (VR) is an amazing place full of wonders that houses 7 collections of vintage cars (200), motorbikes (110) and old bicycles (100), cameras (540) and typewriters (100), musical instruments (100), small aircraft and other items of human genius, all in public view.
Situated at the door of Verona, 15 minutes from Lake Garda, the museum is an unusual meeting place and a precious setting for a pleasant new touristic discovery where culture blends with the intense life of the collections.
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    Villafranca di Verona (VR)


The MUSEO NICOLIS in Villafranca, near Verona and GardaLake, is an extraordinary site of history and emotions that holds, in 6.000 mq, 100 vintage cars, 105 motorbikes, 120 bicycles of the great champions, 500 cameras, 120 musical instruments, 100 typewriters, but also small airplanes and original works of human talent. 1 Kilometer of exhibition itinerary discovering Italian beauty, culture and heritage
Контакти з Підприємствами
+39 045 6303289 www.museonicolis.com
Додаткова інформація
The MUSEO NICOLIS is one of the most prestigious private museums in Italy and in Europe. Open to various forms of innovation and experimentation, it is the lively promoter of culture and a hub of attraction for the whole territory. Managed using an entrepreneurial logic, the museum is known to be the effective and tangible example of an enterprise- museum; an “unconventional” cultural institution that promotes knowledge and innovation without losing sight of the objectives of growth and development.
Created by Luciano Nicolis, an entrepreneur from Verona, who has brought together his passion fort technology and mechanics in this very modern steel and glass building (6.000 smq),  the museum has been opened to the public since its opening in 2000 and is now one of the most important cultural references on our territory.
Entrepreneurial Culture and Brand Heritage - Museo Nicolis is a “unicum” in its category and it is considered a symbol of modern enterprise culture. Its managerial strategy has solid roots in the entrepreneurial culture of the Nicolis family and their shared passion for “collecting” and “recovery”. For over 70 years, in fact,  Nicolis has been a market leader in the collection, recycling and processing of recovered paper. Lamacart is the parent company of the group.
Luciano Nicolis’ insight led him to find jewels where others only saw scrap and favoured the recovery and restoration of some extraordinary exhibits, giving back to the world a cultural patrimony which otherwise might have been lost forever.
Among the most incredible items at Museo Nicolis, particularly relevant are the “Motrice Pia”, the first petrol-driven engine patented by the Veronese Enrico Bernardi in 1882, the mythical Isotta Fraschini of 1929 (of Sunset Boulevard, Tsar Alexander, Rudolph Valentino, Isadora Duncan), the Lancia Astura 1000 Miglia (the only model in the World) that was built for Luigi Villoresi, and many other two- and four-wheels jewels.
A Modern Enterprise-Museum - The talent of its founder is only a part of the success of the Museum; its driving force is, in fact, the entrepreneurial spirit of Silvia Nicolis, the founder’s daughter, whose aim is that of promoting culture and expressing the value of the territory without neglecting her entrepreneurial vocation. The Museo Nicolis also promotes the dialogue with institutions, enterprises, medias and cinema. Promotion activities and interactive services for the public and the Business Community have been a key to the success of the Museum, also increasing the value of the territory, as a tribute to the heritage marketing philosophy, which is a pillar of the staff working method.
The Congress Center - On one side of the exhibition building, Museo Nicolis provides an area for business meeting and all kinds of events with a capacity of 350 persons. This is not only extremely comfortable and equipped with the most sophisticated technologies, but also situated inside an unusual and pleasing building.
The Documentation Center - The Museo Nicolis Documentation Centre is specific for research, development, collection of historic testimonies. It collects historic documents of different kinds and offers a range of multifunctional services addressed at preserving the precious archives and making them available to researchers, scholars and enthusiasts. It includes a specialised library, a historic document archive and an “image bank” of the collections for consultation and publishing projects. 
The museum also includes other specific areas: Temporary Exhibitions – Work Shop – Company Day – Coffe Break – Gala Dinner – Party – Photo Shooting & Media –  Tourism Planning –  Didactic Activities –  Activities for Disabled People
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