Discover and savour the true flavour of the extra virgin olive oil made in the Lake Garda district. Accompanied by the Turri family, you will have the opportunity to visit their olive mill and appreciate one of their most valued products.

From May to October, the doors of the Turri olive mill are open to whoever is fascinated by olive oil: guided tours are available to whoever wishes to discover more about this product and the territory where it is made.
The Turri olive mill is one of the most renowned in the Garda district. Established by Giancarlo Turri in 1951, it is now skilfully run by his four children, who have decided to share both their passion for their work and the knowledge acquired throughout the years with the visitors of the 2015 Expo.
The Turri family believes in a caring and scrupulous production policy, and are deeply committed to protecting the genuineness and health of their oils. These oils are the fruit of their great respect for both Nature and the farming traditions of their home territory.
The olive farm and mill lie at the foot the hills surrounding Cavaion Veronese, near Lake Garda, in the heart of an area famed for its unique microclimate. It is thanks to these conditions that olive trees can be grown here, and indeed, this the olive production zone furthest north in the world.
The visitors, welcomed by members of the family and experienced guides, will be accompanied through the most important stages of olive oil production. The tour starts from the olive groves to end up with the sensory analysis of bottled oil. In the didactic olive grove there are many of the cultivars of olive trees that grow in Italy. The visitors will be surprised by the number of varieties native of our country, each of which possesses unique features that are then found in their oil. The guide will briefly outline the history of olive tree cultivation, describing the harvesting methods employed in the past and those used nowadays, and the differences between traditional and state-of-the-art oil production techniques. The tour will continue with a visit to the olive mill.
Here is a place where past and present meet. In the Ancient Trades exhibition room, an interesting array of farming tools and equipment dating back to the 1800s are on display, together with antique books and diaries that give a fascinating glimpse of the local country life in bygone days.
A short film, that captures perfectly the picturesque beauty of the Garda district, will help clarify production techniques, the concept of quality and how olive oils are classified. The guide will then outline the principles of professional oil-tasting and sensory analysis, and the visitors will then be ready for an oil-tasting session. It is important to be able to assess what we buy, understand the label, appraise the oil through our senses and find out how to best pair it with whatever dish is served. It is also essential to take its nutritional and health properties into account, because olive oil, according to the Turris, is not a simple dressing but is a key ingredient of a healthy, balanced diet.

INFO AND BOOKING: visite@turri.com
PHONE: +39 0457235006
ADDRESS: Strada Villa 9, 37010 Cavaion Veronese (VR)
VISITING HOURS: EVERY WEDNESDAY from 9.30 to 11.15 a.m. and from 3.00 to 5.45 p.m.
TOUR LENGTH: approximately 60 minutes
COST: the tour is free on week days (Monday to Friday) for groups of 15 or more participants. For smaller group and for tours on week-ends and festive days, please contact us at visite@turri.com .
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For further details and requests, please contact us at our Expo 2015 email address: visite@turri.com
  • Strada Villa 9
    Cavaion Veronese (VR)


Since its origin the Turri Brothers olive mill produces Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO Garda . The company is located in the hilly area of Lake Garda, in the heart of an exclusive territory as their exclusve product.
Контакти з Підприємствами
Strada Villa 9
37010 - Cavaion Veronese (VR)
+39 045 7235006 www.turri.com
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The history of the Fratelli Turri olive mill sinks its roots far back in time. The family has been cultivating olives and making oil since 1880, but it was only in 1951 that Giancarlo founded the enterprise we now know. With the growing demand for their products, renowned for their superb quality, the company started to expand, and soon afterwards the family was no longer only pressing olives, but also producing, packaging and selling extra virgin olive oil.
Now Mario, Laura, Luisa and Giovanni continue to follow in their father’s footsteps, working with the same passion that Giancarlo had when he started the family business in his first olive mill among the Verona hills, to then move to Cavaion Veronese, in the splendid environs of Lake Garda.
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