A CRAFTSMANSHIP OF EXCELLENCE: THE CREATION OF A PAOUL SHOE From the idea to the final product to see how a shoe is manufactured can be an amazing experience made of mastery and passion. It is a mix between fashion, fantasy and Made in Italy artisanship. Because seeing the hands of a craftsman at work is pure charm. Paoul decided to open for the entire duration of Expo Veneto, once a week, the doors of its company to anyone interested in seeing in person the spectacular production process of its shoes.
The phases that give life to the shoes, considered to be true masterpieces, are varied and complex, so are the skills required for their birth, so is the accuracy, the technique, but most of all the lavished love. Paoul wants to make his clients proud of owning one of its pairs of shoes. Moreover, all those who do not know our brand will get to know the value of its products by seeing the stages that accompany the birth of a Paoul shoe.
Along the way, the advice for the perfect shoe care and the quality control, done together with the guests, will not miss.     
Last but not least, those who wish to purchase the shoes - two lucky persons every week - will be able to choose together with Paoul, the article in all its details (shape, materials, heels, accessories); a special customization reserved for this occasion.
This is the proof that Made in Italy is still a fact, it is the energy that gives birth to the reputation of the Italian style around the world; it is the engine of our creativity.

When: every Tuesday from the 1st of May to the 31st of October 2015.
- From 9.00 to 10.00: selection of the models to be produced.
- From 10.00 to 13.00: the phases of the manufacturing process: live.
- From 13.00 to 14.00: lunchtime.
- From 14:00 to 19:00: the phases of the manufacturing process: the finalization of the shoe.
Registration: by mail (paoul@paoul.com) or phone (+39 049 8790025) indicating the chosen date and your contact information so we can get back to you.
The first two visitors who will manifest, upon registration, their interest in ordering a pair of shoes will have not only the opportunity to see all the phases of their production process, but also the chance to customize them down to the smallest details.
  • Via Emilia Romagna 12, 35020
    Villatora di Saonara (PD)


Paoul is a historical brand that expresses since 1967 its passion for dance and love for craftsmanship, interpreted by its shoes that are, nowadays, worn by the best artists, but above all, by those who love to dance. The production is divided into four different lines: the historical Dance line, the Wedding & Gala line, the Theatre line and the Tailored line that presents unique and exclusive products, created especially for the most original requests.
Контакти з Підприємствами
Via Emilia Romagna 12
35020 - Saonara (PD)
+39 049 8790025 www.paoul.com
Додаткова інформація
Paoul is a company from Padua that has been manufacturing dance shoes for over forty years, which are now worn by the best dancers in the world during the most important international competitions. Paoul has a long history behind and is run by the Pizzocaro family with great passion for dance and attention to the quality of their products, passed on from generation to generation. Each shoe is designed, manufactured and packaged entirely in Italy, inside the company with dedication, high skills and using only carefully selected materials. Growth, innovation and quality are the key words of this brand.
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