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WALKING AMONG VINEYARDS AND OLIVE GROVES The Euganean Hills are an important lesson of the geological history and of human history.  Source of energy since the most ancient times, today they are still energy for the spirit. The position of the villa Beatrice d’Este may seem attractive on the top of a mountain, but remember that in the past the transport of the goods was problematic. Maybe it would have been easier to build it on the hillside near its cereal crops. The tops of the mountains were the best places to build monasteries (as Rua and Venda Mountains), but strangely it’s our case too. The actual villa has a religious origin. The first building was a monastery distant from the world sins. This place isn’t the highest and most protected of the area, but being next to the Rusta Mountain’s castle (today disappeared) and near the village it gave a major sense of protection.

We take the path on the western hillside that brings us to Cornoleda village. The village is very little because the old road that gave it rise was a secondary road. Indeed, the road with direction east-west that crosses between Gemola and Rusta Mountains was more important. The little churches of Cornoleda and Santa Lucia of Rusta are facing west in order to welcome the travelers who climb up from that direction.
The little fountain in Cornoleda indicates the original choice of this place. One of the two meridian lines on the building of the ex-rectory indicates the hours during the night. The cone-shaped form of Cero Mountain will be a reference for us for a little. We are in the very middle of vineyards, olive graves, almond trees, fig trees e sunny meadows.
Valle San Giorgio village is in the valley, on the lowest point among Gemola, Rusta, Fasolo, Orbieso Mountains and Mottolone hill. A curious eye may catch the sense of the landscape architecture: from the valley we will notice the perfect harmony between the bell towers of the gothic church of Valle San Giorgio and the church of Calaone village in the distance.

We reach Pissarotto fountain, a real magnetic point for the village and all the little roads that gather here. The water is a precious resource here in the hills and has a quite religious meaning. We take a narrow valley, Calto Volpare, and we will reach Fasolo mountain whose background is calcareous, very suitable for the cultivation of the vine. Every type of vine has the most suitable soil in order to product the highest quality product. The experts studied the relation between soil, clime, exposure and type of vine and made the zonation of the area.
The view in front of us, over the volcanic profile of the hills and over the lowlands, goes towards south. The gorgeous panoramic view is an important lesson of the local geological history and of human history. The volcanic head of Rusta mountain accompanies us towards west.
The green colour has infinite shades from the green of the oil trees, vineyards, cypress-trees, beech trees and grasslands. During the spring time, in almond blossom time, the path here is a source of pure happiness!
We reach the Villa Beatrice and the view from its garden ranges at 360 degrees. We can see the Euganean hills profiles, but also the Berici hills and the pre-alpine hills far away. The sober architecture, the isolate position of the villa and the deep peace that here dominates make of it a magical place.

Excursion with tourist guide
Itinerary: we walk mostly on paths, country roads and on asphalt on secondary roads protected from regular traffic
Starting point: park of Villa Beatrice d’Este, Via M. Gemola, Baone. For those who arrive by car, a free park is available
Difficulty:  medium, total length 9 km, altitude range 300 m
Duration: half day  (3 hours walking)
Points of  interest: Villa Beatrice d’Este, Cornoleda village, Valle San Giorgio, Fasolo mountain
For information and reservation: tel. +39 328 4089272; e-mail: carmen.gurinov@gmail.com
In case of bad weather conditions, the trip program may be modified or cancelled.
The excursion is organized with the collaboration and the technical support of the best travel agencies.
  • Via Gemola 7
    Baone (PD)


I’m a tourist guide and your professional reference for the Euganean Hills and the underlying field. I’ll translate your taste and interests in itineraries that best suit you. By bike, on foot, by boat, we will discover the landscape around that still manages to surprise even me in many ways. I work with the best travel agencies for the construction of curious itineraries and tour packages, but I promptly reply to requests from individual tourists and groups.
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I'm Carmen, a tourist guide (Italian, English, Romanian languages) and an enthusiastic geographer. I’m active in some cultural and hiking associations in the Euganean Hills where I do the guide so I know both the hills that the plain below.
I have a degree in Geography achieved in Padua and the topics that interest me more are relevant to the geographical aspects of the area. I’ll tell you about the land reclamation, with the hydraulic artifacts as testimonies, as the Montaigne bridge-canal located on the bike path of the Hills, on the edge of Valli Selvatiche. I’m sure that the best way to understand the water landscape is rowing like natives on the board of a typical row boat or cycling on riverbanks.
We will go slowly in order to discover every single little story that the territory tells us. Among all the Euganean hills, my favorite is Mount Fasolo and from its dorsal looking toward the south, we’ll see a landscape that is a great lesson of geology and human history.
Here where I live the paths indulge among water canals, country landscapes, medieval castles and Venetian villas.
I suggest you to take a break and taste the local gastronomic specialties and a glass of wine. But it depends on what type you are…
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