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A RECIPE FOR LIFE - JULIE & JULIA NORA EPHRON - USA 2009 - 2H 3' Film review - Last appointment  Cinema and food may seem an easy combination, but it is not a commonplace the cultural path that links the "fragrance" of the kitchen to the imaginary of a movie where you have to give up the smells and flavors in order to express the "taste" with the creativity of the visual and sound . mixture.
So here we are, for the fourth edition of our Cineforum, an appetizing "dough" in which the nourishment of the body and the nourishment of the mind are the right "diet" food, made of suggestions, memory, personal experience and imagination ...!
Inspired by the theme of Expo 2015 we will be able to "taste” many stories as dishes of different emotional value through the seven selected films from our film critic Ezio Leoni. Different dishes made of different memories, suggestions and experiences.
As the first course of our menu there is ''Haute Cuisine” in which the ancient taste for the dishes prepared in the Elysée Palace ''bois'' together with a declaration of gastronomical genuineness and moral. “Mostly Martha” and “The Hundred-Foot Journey” serve us the torments of human hearts and souls, while “Chef” puts as side dish the joy of living. A pinch of exoticism and existential reflection accompany the family manage of master Chu and his problems in the film “Eat Drink Man Woman”, but the main course of the whole event is ''Babette's Feast”: the wonderful menu of the Parisian chef exiled in Scandinavia isn't easy to forget, not only in her guests mind.
The last page of this book of recipes is “Julie & Julia”. Two souls in distant times and places, but sharing their  taste for the fine food and for a charming lifestyle. In this parallel stories of the two cooks-writers, the cinema knows how to "cook" once again the right ingredients to entertain and make people smile.
The idea for the “Julie & Julia” film comes from the memories of Julie Child (author of a bestseller on French cuisine and conductive to a popular TV programme) and from Julia Powell's blog, who told about her (successful) attempt to perform within 365 days 524 recipes of Mrs. Child. A film about women, tasty and enjoyable; Meryl Streep and Amy Adams, rarer the souffle perfect ... 

Event start 9:00 p.m.
At the end of the event the association Piccola Città Cooperativa Sociale of Selvazzano will offer a tasting of herbal teas
Ticket: 3,00 Euros


Selvazzano Dentro is a town of  22,933 inhabitants and it is located along the west side of Padova.
Selvazzano is crossed by the river Bacchiglione that divides the town into two parts.
The adjective "Inside" is related to the center of the village, located to the right of the Bacchiglione’s river. 
Контакти з Підприємствами
+390498733999 www.comune.selvazzano-dentro.pd.it/hh/index
Додаткова інформація
The first evidence of human presence in the territory of Selvazzano date back to the late Bronze Age (XVII century BC) when Paleovenitian populations settled there. Numerous archaeological finds, although not meaningful from an artistic point of view, attest this ancient population of the area. During the Roman Empire began the first phase of the transformation of the territory. Were created two important roads: the road Montanara, linking Padua to the Euganean Hills and the road Hairy, connecting Padua and Vicenza.
The medieval period is poor evidence was found while a significant population growth since the eleventh century. It is in fact in the early centuries of the second millennium that form the new towns of Selvazzano, Tencarola, Montecchia, Canton, Vegri of Barca and boxes, which will give rise to as many rural municipalities.
There are poor evidences related to the medieval time, but it is certain a significant demographical development since the eleventh century. As a matter of fact, it is in the early centuries of the second millennium that the new citizens of Selvazzano, Tencarola, Montecchia, Canton, Vegri of Barca and Caselle, start to create many rural municipalities.
In the municipal area rises up also the Benedictine monastery of Santa Maria di Quarta, of which there is still a portion of the apse of the church by now disappeared.
With the advent of the Republic of Venice (1405) Selvazzano follows the reorganization of the administrative management of the territory promoted by the Republic.
After the fall of Venice, the municipal territory at the beginning have been dominated  by the Napoleonic supremacy and then, by the kingdom of Lombardy-Venetia.
It is in this period that the town of Selvazzano has been established.
The administrative limits of the municipality are determined in 1810 and reconfirmed by the Austrian government in 1815.
With the annexation of Veneto to Italy (1866), Selvazzano becomes part of the Kingdom of Italy.
Between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries stayed in Selvazzano many writers, including Ippolito Pindemonte, Vittorio Alfieri, Madame de Staël and Ugo Foscolo, guests in the villa of Melchiorre Cesarotti.
In the second half of the nineteenth century many major public works have been built, including the construction of the bridge over the Bacchiglione’ river in Selvazzano (1870), the town hall Maestri (1878), the reclamation of a vast marshy area (1882), the reconstruction of the levees after the flood of 1882.
With the new century begins also the transformation of Selvazzano from a rural village to the periphery of the city. This phase of urban development brought also to the disappearance of the mills from the Bacchiglione’ river in 1913, the construction of the tramline Padova-Tencarola -Abano Terme in 1910, the building construction Tencarola-Villa Teolo in 1911, the construction of elementary schools and the construction of the church of Caselle in 1925.  After the Second World War, in 1956, the medieval church of Saint Bartolomew, in Tencarola, was demolished to make place to the current one. Always after World War II was built the new parish church of Selvazzano and new parishes of  Feriole (1955) and San Domenico (1969).
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