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ARPAV AGROMETEOROLOGICAL INFORMATION FOR A SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE IN THE FRAME OF CLIMATE CHANGE It will be possible to know the secrets of agricultural meteorology weather forecast and meteorological monitoring and the dissemination of information to the farmers. You will see with your own eyes the efficacy of the agrometeorological information between vineyards and wineries near  Euganean Hills Presentation of the activities of Regional Agency for the Environment (ARPAV) in the fields of meteorology, agricultural meteorology, preservation of the environment and for the optimization of agricultural operations.
Agriculture has to be considered as a compatible activity with the environment and has to be carried on respecting soil fertility and potentiality of ecosystems. Furthermore, agriculture assumes an increasing role in preservation and restoring of the environment, in the quality and salubrity of food, and in conservation of land capability, considering a sustainable point of view.

Visit program:
first half:
  • presentation of activities and services to the public at Regional Meteorological Office
  • main instruments and methods for weather forecasting and weather monitoring
  • the agrometeorological bulletins and main services for the farmers
  • visit at a weather station near the Meteorological Centre
second half:
guided tour in a viticultural farm in Euganean Hills district. This farm uses the best agricultural techniques and the most advanced systems in wine making and ageing. It also will be possible to appreciate a real application of agrometeorological information.


  • ARPAV – Servizio Meteorologico – Via G.Marconi, 55  - 35037 –Teolo (PD)
  • Azienda Agricola SALVAN – Via Mincana, 143 – 35020 – Due Carrare (PD)
The visits to Regional Meteorological Service and to the viticultural farm are scheduled only on these days:
September - Friday 18th 2015
September - Saturday 19th 2015
September - Friday 25th 2015
September - Saturday 26th 2015

and they will be held in the same day; the first one in the morning (from 9 to 12 a.m.) the second one in the afternoon (from 3 to 6 p.m.).

There is a mandatory maximum of 50 people each day, so reservation is needed.
You will find the application form at this link:

Please, send the application form:
by e-mail: cmt.urp@arpa.veneto.it
or by fax to the number +39-049-9998129
The Salvan’s farm is about 20 km far (25-30 min by car) from Meteorological Centre, so you need your own cars to reach it.
  • Via G. Marconi 55
    Teolo (PD)


  • prevention, working towards environmental sustainability
  • control of the environmental hazards due to the human activities
  • monitoring of environmental status according to the quality level of various matrices (soil, water, air etc.)
  • technical support to various civil services
Контакти з Підприємствами
Via Matteotti 27
35137 - Padova (PD)
+39 0498239301 - 73 www.arpa.veneto.it
Додаткова інформація
ARPAV is a public agency, established in 1996, that works for preservation, control and reclamation of the environment, for prevention and promotion of public health, with the purpose of using the different resources in a coordinated and integrated way to recognize and to remove the hazards for the mankind and for the environment.

Its main goals are:
  • Environmental controls with a particular care to the different sources of pollution (i.e. industrial emissions, waste, radiations)
  • Monitoring of environmental status: air, water and soil quality.
  • Prevention of environmental hazards and promotion of the respect of the environment

ARPAV also supports Veneto Region and local governments, civil services, other public and private companies with counselling activities or law accomplishments in subjects as prevention and environmental preservation.
Furthermore, ARPAV is constantly engaged in many international projects as leader or as partner.
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