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WELCOME EXPO! Dicken's travel in Italy The Museum of PRECINEMA, which institution selected for EXPO VENETO 2015, with the Department of Culture of the City of Padua celebrates the beginning of this important event with a big party open to the community of Padua.
On May 9, at 12.00 we will open the doors of Palazzo Angeli, once the home of Andrea Memmo, where Laura Minici Zotti will read the lecture "Dickens in Veneto", with projections in Power Point, and so she will start in the numerous events to be made during the EXPO VENETO (May 2 to October 31). For the occasion, we will offer Prosecco, known wine to toast the happy events, grown in the Veneto, a place rich in flavor and culture.


Welcome EXPO!

Free entry on reservation

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To attend the event free of charge booking required.
  • Prato della Valle n° 1/A
    Padova (PD)


The Museum of PRECINEMA exhibits the Minici Zotti Collection, dedicated to vision before cinema. The Museum offers a journey to the origins of cinema through Magic Lantern screenings of precious hand-painted glass slides and optical illusions that create the illusion of movement. The collection also includes: an Eastern shadow theater and those of the Chat Noir in Paris, stereoscopic pictures and equipment, silhouettes and musical instruments, all of which are original items of the period.
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Prato della Valle, 1A
35123 - Padova (PD)
+390498763838 www.minicizotti.it
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The Minici Zotti Collection presents the history of Precinema and the Magic Lantern, the antique projector of stills and "moving" images hand-painted on glass. The Department of Culture of Padova recognized the importance of the collection, collected by Laura Minici Zotti, and has dedicated a prestigious permanent exhibition to it, located in Palazzo Angeli in Prato della Valle in Padua. The Museum is a rare example of effective collaboration between the public and private sectors.

In this particular space, the upper floor of the old Palazzo Angeli in Prato della Valle, there are precious magic lanterns, painted glass projection slides, optical instruments and games, musical instruments and optical views. A section is dedicated to photography and an ancient Javanese shadow theater. All items are strictly antique, whilst some have been faithfully reproduced to allow visitors to use them directly.

The visit ends with a video projection illustrating the history of Precinema.

Many are unaware that in 1895 the Lumière brothers created new visual possibilities with the help of cinematographic film, but few know that the Magic Lantern, invented as far back as 1650, anticipated the birth of cinema, captivating audiences with its projected images, "movement", and emotive dissolving views.

Even today, Laura Minici Zotti, director of the Museum, collector and "lanternist", organizes conferences in various Italian and foreign locations.

The Museum's aim is to bring the public together to appreciate this unusual, unknown aspect of vision before cinema.
Календар Експо Венето

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