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"FROM THE EARTH TO THE FIRE: CERAMIC TECHNOLOGY OF THE ANCIENT VENETIANS" Thursday, May 21 starting at 20:15 in the municipal auditorium of Via Roma in oppeanoil dr. Massimo Saracino analyze the findings in ceramics of ancient Venetians. The cultural evenings organized by the Municipality of Oppeano then continue Thursday, May 21 with the rapporteur Dr. Massimo Saracino, archaeologist and Doctor of Philosophy in Cultural Heritage and Territory of the University of Verona, who will present his book, published last year, entitled "From the Earth to the Fire: ceramic technology of the ancient Venetians." Dr. Massimo Saracino will be joined by Professor Gianpaolo Romagnani, Director of the Department Tesis University of Verona, and Dr Federica Gonzato, the Archaeological Superintendence of Veneto. The book "From the Earth to the Fire: ceramic technology of the ancient Venetians," said the excavations conducted in the area of ​​ex-furnace Oppeano by the University of Verona and the Superintendence for Archaeological Heritage of the Veneto and the study archaeometric of ceramic production, conducted in collaboration with the Department of Geosciences at the University of Padua. They are indeed the leitmotif of the book, whose intent is to show the development of ceramic technology of the ancient potters Venetians: from the Bronze Age to the Iron Age II lla (X-III sec. BC). The recognition and reading the studies and archaeometric Finds production indicators vascular, found mainly in residential areas and more rarely in the necropolis of the territory traditionally ascribed to the ancient Venetians, it highlighted the organization of such pirotecnologia: from the procurement of raw materials, preparation of dough, modeling, cooking and distribution of ceramic products. The fragments were analyzed chronologically divided into three main periods (late Bronze Age, the beginning of the Iron Age I and VI-V century BC.), Allowing you to recognize a different modus operandi of the local craftsmen and trade. Typological study and culturally contextualized the two furnaces of the fifth century. BC, discovered in the same site by the Superintendency, has also provided useful elements for classification of such manufacturing, pointing out an interesting technological developments and socio-economic. Some of them are preserved on the notice boards of the archaeological museum in Oppeano that now finds space in the town hall. The finds are visible in opening hours of the municipal offices, from Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 12:30 pm and also on Tuesday from 16 to 18. It reminds the citizenship that the entrance to the cultural evenings "Oppeano and archaeological discoveries "it is free. Citizens are invited to participate in numerous.
Culture is one of the issues addressed also in the halls Expo 2015, given that Italy is a beautiful country and is rich in archaeological finds.

The municipal auditorium Don Remo castegini, inaugurated last year, is located near the parish. It 'a former church of Santa Maria degli Angeli. The space is cozy and the cars can be parked nearby in via Roma or at the parking lot near main square Marcolongo at the post office or in front of the town hall square in Altichieri. the area is full of houses and bars.
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Oppeano is a small city in the territory of Verona; there are about 9.000 people living here.
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piazza gilberto altichieri, 1
37050 - oppeano (VR)
+390457139238 www.comune.oppeano.vr.it
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Oppeano with Gazzo Veronese represent between X and the fourth century BC the epicenters of a system of settlements that can control the entire territory of the plain: from the left bank of the Adige to the Mincio . They were real outposts south - western world of the ancient Veneti in Este and Padua who had their capitals . The hump on which it stands the ancient town of Oppeano is positioned almost at the height of the Veronese plain average limited to the north by the end of the high plain and the river Adige , to the south by the end of the low plains , to the east by the province of Vicenza west wing by moraine and the province of Mantova .
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