FESTA DELL'ASIAGO DOP Asiago Dop For many years Pro Loco Conco has celebrated during its events the “mountain dish” based on Asiago, but from 2015 onwards this cheese will become the protagonist of its own festival. This event will includes various stalls with producers (alpine hut and mountain pastures), dealers and restaurateurs who will show the different cheese agings and will prepare dishes with Asiago proving its versatility and excellence in the marvellous Altopiano setting.

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Gusto Veneto brings together 45 events to be held between May and October 2015, concurrently with EXPO Milan. It is an extraordinary network of events dedicated to 35 food and wine branded European products (DOG, DOCG, IGT, PGI, PDO). These events are animated by more than 5000 volunteers of the Union of the Pro Loco of the Veneto region, which also coordinates this project.
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Piazza Squillace,4
31050 - Miane (TV)
+39 0438893345 www.gustoveneto.it
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Календар Експо Венето

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