Quadrifoglio s.n.c.

via marzara, 694 - Arquà Polesine (RO)

телефон: 3471334411 сайт: www.locanda valmolin.it
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For Expo 2015 the hotel service offers visitors a comfortable and quiet stay with style furnishings mixed old and new. . Some rooms have ceilings with exposed wood beams and are located on two levels.

Why the guest should choose our beautiful place? The answer is that we found it in the passion for local natural products and for a genuine cuisine; we liked the idea that our inn became a reference point for good and genuine local cuisine in which to savor a good plate of fresh fish with homemade pasta or a crudities accompanied by good wine or simply tasting typical local dishes including risotto with Magoni – chicken gizzards- and chicken livers, homemade pasta and beans, great pizza with flour semi integral to long rising. Now our place is rustic and stylish, familiar but chic, a perfect frame for enjoying a quiet dinner, all this also gluten-free. Locanda Valmolin is registered to Italian Celiac Association.  

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