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HAPPY BIRTHDAY CASATELLA TREVIGIANA DOP (PROTECTED ORIGIN DENOMINATION) In order to celebrate the 7th birthday of Casatella Trevigiana DOP, the producers association invites you all to the party with tastes, show-cooking and live production with our casari! Casatella Trevigiana DOP is a traditional and fresh cheese, made by 13 producers from Treviso (following the European Regulations).
Born at home, thanks to wise farmer-families, Casatella cheese is today an excellence among the cheeses of the Veneto Region.
To celebrate the achievement of the denomination (DOP), every last weekend of May the Association organizes many and different events.
An unmissable event, with many appointments: from the contest among pastry chefs from Treviso who should prepare cakes made by Casatella, to the open-to-public factories, with surprises for visitors, to discover of the traditional productive process.
The event ends in the beautiful Piazza dei Signori in the city-center of Treviso. Already a traditional appointment for Treviso and all the visitors who attend yearly to the event.
Under the Loggia of Trecento Palace there will be guided-taste of cheese wisely combined with other typical and local products, cooking lessons and educational moments with casari (cheese producers) to assist and learn how to do the traditional Casatella!

What: Happy Birthday Casatella Trevigiana DOP (protected origin denomination)
When: Sunday, 31st May – from 10.00 to 18.00
Where: Piazza dei Signori, Treviso
Official website of Casatella Trevigiana DPO - www.casatella.it

  • Piazza dei Signori
    Treviso (TV)


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