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ANTIQUE MARKET The charm of memories in the objects of a past time. Founded in June 1994, this market takes place every 4th Sunday of the month, in the central square of Valeggio and in the streets around.
It hosts more than 100 exhibitors, carefully selected by the organization, to ensure the high quality of items displayed.
It is particularly pleasing not only to tourists, but also enthusiasts and discerning collectors, who are looking for rare and sophisticated pieces.
Wandering through its stands, you can find antique furniture and modern art, carpets, old coins, antique prints and books, bone china, blown glass chandeliers, english silverware, as well as other items of fine manufacture.
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Every 4th Sunday of the month, from 9 pm to 6 pm.
  • Piazza Carlo Alberto
    Valeggio sul Mincio (VR)


Established in 1974, the Association Pro Loco Valeggio has always been committed to the promotion of tourism and the culture of the region, including its festivals  and history.
It is very active in the organization of many traditional events, such as the annual Fair, now in its 95th year, the Carnival, and also concerts, plays, and food and wine events, to showcase local products.
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piazza Carlo Alberto 32
37067 - Valeggio sul Mincio (VR)
+39 045 7951880 www.valeggio.com
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The Association Pro Loco Valeggio was created in 1974, as an initiative of passionate citizens, with the aim of bringing together all those who were fond of the development of tourism and cultural activities to raise recognition of their town.
In particular: "...the main goals of the association are: to contribute to the organization of tourism experiences; encourage and support the development of public services; promote conferences, exhibitions, public performances, celebrations; preserve and to improve the natural, artistic and built heritage of Valeggio".
Since that time, Pro Loco Valeggio has grown considerably, carrying on many of its original intentions, in partnership with adjoining municipalities and other local associations.
Restaurants, hotels, accommodations and all tourism facilities find in Pro Loco Valeggio a helpful partner to promote their activities.
Thanks to the constant commitment of its volunteers and members, many new activities have been added to the existing calendar of traditional events. Among the most popular and followed of these are: the Summer Film Festival, with its fantastic location in the courtyard of the Medieval Scaligero Castle; the food and wine festival Tortellini & dintorni, that celebrates the excellence of agricultural production and the culinary tradition of the region; the great musical program of the Verona Folk Festival, which has led to Valeggio worldwide famous artists, including Ludovico Einaudi, Fabrizio Bosso, Nina Zilli.
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