CALICI IN VILLA .VENETIAN’S EXCELLENCE - 6° EDITION EXPO 2015 Now in its sixth edition CALICI IN VILLA has become an unmissable opportunity for those who want to know and appreciate prestigious selected wineries, two days in which you can taste ONLY VENETIAN QUALITY WINES, knowing the origin places and their peculiarities. Veneto land of Passions!
Now in its 6th edition, from the desire of a group of friends to join the passion for the wine art and the desire to enhance the beautiful historical park of Villa Imperiale, CALICI IN VILLA has become the unmissable opportunity for those who want to know and appreciate prestigious wineries selected by the Organizing Committee. History and architecture are present in Galliera with admirable examples like the Parish of the Venetian architect  Giorgio Massari, the medieval church of St.James  and the Villa Imperiale Cappello with the enchanting centuries-old historical park that will be the unforgettable scenery of the event, a moment in which culture and art become an incredible resource in a place rich of testimonies.
Refined restaurateurs and delicatessen with tasty plate, artisan bakers and cheese makers will guide us in an extraordinary journey that intertwines with the essence of our Venetian roots.
Two days in which you can taste high quality Venetian wines knowing the origin places and producers, each with its own characteristics and peculiarities that make their product unique to our palate.
Welcome to all of you in this land of Passions!
Wine culture: heritage of cultivation, taste and diversity.
As a cultural symbol firmly deep seated in life in Europe, the role of wine has evolved over time, changing from an important source of food to a cultural complement of food and conviviality compatible with a healthy lifestyle. Even the art of viticulture has evolved, but one principle that has remained unchanged is the traditional European way of presenting and communicating the wine, a way that put emphasis on the origins, heritage and viniculture. As a result, the wine tends to be associated with gastronomy, history, local products of quality and social qualified environments. As such, despite the disparity in consumption patterns across the EU, the moderate consumption remains the general rule, and there is only a minority of individuals who consume wine incorrectly.

EDITION 2015 | Program
Saturday, July 25, Villa Cappello said Villa Imperiale, Sala Nobili Cappello.
17.30 Welcome to Calici in Villa 2015
Press conference - Opening ceremony
Ribbon-cutting ceremony of the first edition with toast and visit of the exhibition at the presence of institutions, the authorities, the press and the public.
18.00 Opening exhibition
23.00 Closing exhibition
EDITION 2015 | Program
Sunday, July 26
18.00 Opening exhibition
23.00 Closing exhibition
EDITION 2015 | Events
Show Performance “LA STRISCIONA”
Collective work MailArt - The world's longest Book of Artist Leporello (150 Artists x 150 meters of Art)
The idea of, Maria Teresa Cazzaro ( PD) Emanuela Marigo (PD) Walter Festuccia (Roma ) Virginia Milici
La Strisciona, Art and Poetry: food for the mind and soul.
La Strisciona, collective Book of Artist, a project of MailArt choral work focused on the survey of the relationship between art and social union among artist and audience. La Strisciona was created by a group of artists, friends with each other, all belonging to MailArt and then expanded through word of mouth from town to town involving more and more artists to communicate their emotions through art.Combining individual artists in dialogue and leaving contaminated by forms and thoughts explored and exposed increasingly becoming a choral work unique and unparalleled.
Monday, July 27  
20.30 Historical park Villa Cappello – Imperiale
A closure of CALICI IN VILLA 2015 accompanied by a chef and a sommelier between wines and tastes, to discover an extraordinary journey that intertwines with the essence of our Venetian roots.
  • Via Roma, 184
    Galliera Veneta (PD)


Galliera Veneta (Galiéra in Venetian dialect) is an Italian town of 7.110 inhabitants, in the Padua province, situated in the Veneto region.
The parish, dedicated to St. Mary Magdalene, falls under the jurisdiction of the Treviso's diocese.
Territory coordinate: 45°40′00″N 11°50′00″E  Altitude 49 m above sea level. Surface 8,95 km² Neighboring municipalities: Cittadella, Loria (TV),Rossano Veneto (VI), San Martino di Lupari, Tombolo.
Liên hệ Doanh nghiệp
+390495969153 www.comune.gallieraveneta.pd.it
Các thông tin khác
It has Roman origins, this is demonstrated not only by the place name, which seems to date back to a Latin personal name, but also by the signs of the Roman centuriation still present on its territory.
In the twelfth century it suffered devastations and damages caused by the fighting between Treviso's and Vicenza's inhabitants, the latter supported by the Ezzelini, but from 1405, when Galliera came under the rule of the Venetian Republic, experienced a long period of peace. During the government of the Serenissima many were the Venetian patricians who built buildings of great value. With regard to the historical heritage, the most prominent element of civil architecture is the magnificent Villa Cappello, probably built in the sixteenth century, which has an oratory with classical facade and pediment with statues, and whose interior is decorated in neoclassical style. The Villa, which houses now a hospital, during the First World War receveid the command of an army  of the Italian army. Are to be mentioned, then, two great pillars in cotto that hold statues of rural godhead Cerere and Flora. The most important religious building is the parish church of St. Mary Magdalene, built by Giorgio Massari in the '700, which preserves valuable sculptures attributed to Giuseppe Bernardi said Il Torretto, and interesting frescoes attributed to GB Canal.
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