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"ROCK N' FOOD ... COOKING IN STONE" Stone, food, art: a journey through the development of food in human histoty. From the Paleolithic to the introduction of the first stone tools, the first hearth, the use of stone rollers for grinding cereals. A tribute to the importance of stone in the nutrition. Considering the theme "feeding the planet, energy for life" of Expo Milan 2015 and sharing the objectives of WE WOMEN FOR EXPO in which: foods finality is not only  nourishment  but also knowledge, traditions, memories, affective contents, relationships, spiritual and simbolic; the education food passes through a new collaboration between food and culture; the women are carriers of a capacity of doing together, of ccoperation and creative condivision. Thereb will be presented the guide "Cooking in stone". Expositions, conventions, tours in quarries, showcooking and workshops also for the little ones with the finality of creating, working and experiment the many creative possibilities stones, marbles, granites have. A tribute to the importance of the role of the stone in the world of food, passing through the places, typifyng those areas: Lardo di Colonnata, seasoned in the famous marble basins made from the local withe marble of Carrara; meats and vegetables cookend on soapstone; oil gained from the crushing of olives between massive stones; pesto made in marble bouls; cheese seasoned in tuff; almonds dough prepared on lava stone; choccolate made on diorite stone and for last pebbles af the Adige River.

from 25 september to 04 october in Villa Bassani , Sant'Ambrogio Valpolicella (VR)
For programm and further informations: www.ledonnedelmarmo.it - segreteria@ledonnedelmarmo.it
  • Villa Bassani via del Marmo
    Sant'Ambrogio Valpolicella (VR)


The national " Women in Marble" Association is open to women directly involved in marble and related technology sectors. A point of privileged view in representing the various professions involved in the world of natural stone; all determined to turn "marble" in to a complex experience made up of geography, history, material culture and local culture, tradition and even emotions.
Liên hệ Doanh nghiệp
via degli Arusnati 1
37124 - Verona (VR)
+393381709382 www.ledonnedelmarmo.it
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Founded in Verona 6 October 2006, the association will promote various cultural activities: conventions, conferences, debates, seminars, film shows and documentation; training activity:theoretical/practical update courses for women working in the reference sector;  publishing activity: development of multimedia products, publication of news bulletins and the proceedings of conventions and seminars, as well as research studies and projects.
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