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via Enrico Mattei 1/c - Marcon (VE)

điện thoại: +39 0414567193 Trang web: www.chouseitalia.com
Giới thiệu dịch vụ

The aim is to convey the Italian Style, offering superb quality and adequate supply of coffee during all hours of the day thanks to a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere.
The use of mirrors, glass, gold finishes, muffled light, spacious sofas and armchairs in white leather, lead C House to be unique.
C House philosophy is very simple: coffee, atmosphere, food and service are the key elements of our business and excellence is required so that we reach our goal.
We dedicate time and energy to the continuous improvement of our products, using a mischela coffee beans on our specific instructions and consists of seven different qualities that make it UNIQUE and exceptionally DELICIOUS. Located inside the shopping center Valecenter.

Monday - Friday 9h - 21h
Saturday 9h - 22h
Sundays and holidays opening 10h - 21h

Đặc tính
  • Ngưỡng giá: 0€ - 10€
  • Đặc tính: Ăn sáng / Ăn trưa
Lịch Expo Veneto

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