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Missing Italia

Via Oreste Da Molin, 2 - Piove di Sacco (PD)

điện thoại: +39 049 97 04 834 Trang web: www.missingitalia.com
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Missing Italia is an Italian incoming tour operator. We cooperate with foreign travelers helping them to plan trips to our country.
We are in travel industry since many years, creating tours all around Italy: from Venice to Florence, from Rome to Naples, from Sicily to Sardinia, with all hotel categories. With Missing Italia clients experience Italy in all its elements: art, tradition, music, nature, wellness, sport.

What makes us different is we’re a small company with the performance of a great travel company:
-take care of all details, 
-all services followed by exemplary personal service,
-assistance 24 hours during your stay,
-quick answers,
-competitive rates,
-well-established relations with suppliers all over Italy,
-quick travel documents delivery.

No matter:
-how many destinations, we will find the right solution for you, 
-what type of tours, we will be ready to organize what you need,
-the budget,our rates are calculated with care, our quotations will be especially worked out for you.

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